Super Meat Boy Devs Explain Sequel Decision

"Recently, Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat has stated it will not make a follow-up. The developer has today elaborated on its decision. Super Meat Boy has taken Xbox Live Arcade by storm, as well as receiving near-perfect review scores across the board. However Team Meat, formed by coders Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, stated that it would not produce a sequel."

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Yi-Long2985d ago

... although it wouldn't surprise me if they'd release new SMB-content in the form of DLC in due time.

skyward2985d ago

Think that's their plan - and if they never want to fundamentally change the mechanics of the game, they could just release new levels ad infinatum

fastrez2985d ago

It's a noble prospect in many ways. Clearly they aren't in it to make a safe, fast buck. More of that please. Big businesses could learn from people like Team Meat.