5 Things Treyarch Needs To Fix in Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Call Of Duty: Black Ops has racked up millennia of in-game multiplayer time already, and while it's a supreme effort from the team at Treyarch, there are more than a few issues. Here are the five most pressing issues Treyarch needs to fix.

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big_silky2984d ago

the footstep thing is weird especially considering that you sound like a rampaging elephant when you run.

Neko_Mega2984d ago

Yeah, almost as bad as Elder Scrolls wearing heavy armor and sneaking on someones bed while they sleep and some how they can't hear it.

bakasora2984d ago

1. The single player campaign should be 2x longer.
2. The single player campaign should be 2x longer.
3. The single player campaign should be 2x longer.
4. The single player campaign should be 2x longer.
5. The single player campaign should be 2x longer.

HolyOrangeCows2984d ago

1. Fix the Hit Detection
2. Fix the Hit Detection
3. Fix the Hit Detection
4. Fix the Hit Detection
5. Fix the Hit Detection

DelbertGrady2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The single player campaign was the best I've played in a COD game (was too bored to finish MW, WAW and MW2) but the hit detection is deadful. The fault lies in the enemies being so heavily scripted that some of their animations have to play out before you can shoot them. It's poor and I wish it was more like BC2.

antz1104 - Pretty sure he was thinking of Blofeld from the Bond movies.

Syronicus2983d ago

It's funny how every game that is released could have some number of fixes but nobody ever just writes an article about issues users have to simply put up with. Asking a dev to fix the game would presumably assume that they owe us sometime more. That kind of thinking is just plain silly.

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Mizz_mai2984d ago

I bet kotick's somewhere in the world stoking a cat and laughing evilly to himself(got your money again bitche's)

joydestroy2984d ago

yeah 1, 2, 3 and knife kills regarding 4. i can't tell you how many times i've knifed someone but still ended up getting killed

kparks2984d ago

Well thats NOOOB TOWN for ya what a dumb ass map and it looks like shit

Tangostarr2984d ago

They should have made nuketown a 4v4 tactical map or something. I'm afraid to hit the respawn button on that map, I just let the killcam play out and pray that when it's over I'll get to shoot a round or two before I get shot from a helicopter, napalmed, mortared, blown apart by a grenade, or stabbed/shot by the guy that just spawned behind me.


very true... the flip side to it is that it's chopper gunner heaven !

I love getting the shopper gunner on this map, it's so easy and once you get one there is no stopping you.

I went about 40 kills to 1 death last night. another game I went 36 and 2..

it is a very stupid map, but if you know how to own on it, it's funny as hell.

Scary692984d ago

The footsteps to me is not a big deal as other issues since some do use ninja. Parties when you leave a lobby and you want to leave with your party this does not always if ever does it work. Mics some work some don't and you cannot see the mic icon next to those people who do have mics. Spawning is an issue weapons are off by a mother, people shooting someone while aiming towards the left while the person is on his/her right is bs. Knifing also is not accurate I have seen people get knife where the knifer is no where near a person. My list can go on and on but this is total BS.

Tangostarr2984d ago

Yeah, I've never seen the option to leave with my party light up so I could use it.

xTruthx2983d ago

They need to fix the freaking wager matches

skip2mylou2983d ago

yea ppl are getting cheated out of money on those i lost 6k on a wager match because the game decided to have a connection issue right after the final kill

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danmachine2984d ago

since its a one hit kill when they bite you.

the spawn system is the worst in any COD game. i once killed a guy by stabbing him in the back, only for him to spawn a meter behind me instantly and stab me back.

the matchmaking is slow and keeps kicking me and my friends out.

theres a shopping list of problems but they are never going to fix them all, there just going to bring out £15 dlc in 3 weeks and ignore the problems.

RedDead2984d ago

In hardcore, I once spawned, an enemy spawned right in front of me, I stabbed him, another spwned on front of me, I stabbed him too, the second turned out to be a teammate, this all happened within 3 seconds. On that BS map Nuketown, the spawning is broken on that map.

vickers5002984d ago

Dogs SHOULD be a one hit kill. It's not like it's impossible to defend yourself against them, it's actually pretty easy, just listen for them and unload on them with your automatic weapon. If they weren't one hit kills, then it would be almost impossible to get kills with them.

But yeah I do agree about the spawn system, they definitely need to fix it. I'm guessing they made it that way to encourage the opportunity to get payback on the guy that just killed you, but it ruins the game sometimes and isn't worth it when you consider the number of cons to pros.

chilled2m2984d ago

The dogs worked just fine in WAW. They were not one hit kills, yet managed to fetch me quite a few kills when all was said and done.

Treyarch made dogs 11 kills, so i suppose they feel as though the reward has to reflect the work it took to get it. (unless you get a carepackage haha)

Neko6082984d ago

They're easier to kill than [email protected], plus it requires a 9 killstreak (and you choose them instead of a chopper gunner)

Neko_Mega2984d ago

I think that is their 5 worst ones, besides cheaters and lag users.

DiLeCtioN2984d ago

Heavy lag, need i say more.

Op242984d ago

right with you there man. Especially on PS3. I'll be stabbing a guy over and over and then he turns and blows my face off with a sniper? wtf.
I hope they take out the vote for previous map because i've probably spent 75% of my time online on nuketown

RedDead2984d ago

That really sucks for Ps3 users, treyarc should make that there top priority. Fix the god damn lag

UnwanteDreamz2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"That really sucks for Ps3 users"

Nasty lag has been reported from PS3, 360 and PC users.

Lifendz2984d ago

So glad I'm not alone here. I don't have the most expensive broadband package, but it's middle of the pack and should be more than enough for online gaming. I have the 360 version of the game and the lag is insane. I'm not saying the PS3 version is any better, but it's at a point where I really don't enjoy playing. Really thinking about trading this one in and repurchasing MOW2.

DARK WITNESS2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

totally agree, I am on the edge at the moment trying to make up my mind.

it's funny...

I hate MW2 more because of how broken some of the game play mechanics are. the bullet lag in that game use to do my head in quite a bit. then you had all this silly stuff like quick scoping etc, commando noobs running around knifing everyone because they can't shoot.

They actually managed to balance a lot of those issues out. I don't see half the amount of Noob tubing , or knifing going on.

However, the one thing that is broken, is so badly broken it makes it more frustrating to play then MW2.

what is the point balancing all the perks and all that if you never know when your gun is going to work ?

I shoot one guy with 2 bursts from the M16 he dies... I then see his team mate running away, I shoot two bursts into his back, nothing.. he turns round, I then shoot a third burst into his chest, he drops to the flaw and sprays with his smg. I catch one or two bullets from that and I am dead !!! WTF.

I have watched my friends replays and seen them shoot totally behind a player and hit what looks like thin air only to see the guy 2 or 3 feet in front drop dead and they get the kill.

the burst weapons don't feel rewarding at all anymore. for the amount of rounds you have to put into people to take them out, meanwhile the spray weapons only take one or two bullets to kill ( at least that what it looks like and feels like ).

I could not believe how bad I was at blackops compared to cod4 and MW2, simply because I cannot get kills no more due to bullet lag. I see people, I shoot, I shoot , I shoot, they then see me and I am dead faster then I can blink.

SnakeShady2984d ago

in order of relevance
1) lag
2) footsteps
3) respawn points
4) broken party system
5) noobtube (the GL attachment is too cheap to buy)

Op242984d ago

I think all the guns are too cheap. I mean it takes like 2 domination matches to get around 2000 C. It should be a little more challenging to get the guns

vickers5002984d ago

I don't think they should make the guns more expensive, but rather have you earn less CP in domination. I play Team Deathmatch mostly, and if I'm doing really good, I'll get 3000-3500 points, which is about 2 to 3 CP worth of guns, but since you also need perks and pro upgrades and attachments and possible lens/reticle/reticle color/emblem, etc., it balances itself out in the end.

And I think the grenade launcher is priced fine enough as is, but I certainly wouldn't object to it costing somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000-10000 :) After all, it has been severely nerfed in black ops.

hi22984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

6)native hd resolution on consoles

NarooN2984d ago

7) Stop using a modified version of a decade-old engine.

TekoIie2984d ago

I think the GL is the right price. I mean its got a smaller damage radius now and 3000CP is a lot. One thing i am desperate for is in sticks and stones make the Tomahawk half your score not take it all away.

I havnt had much problem with lag. But i have noticed that the knife is now "missing" the person i try to stab. If they just take away the lunge then i wont have a problem with the knife...