4 Reasons Not To Trade-in Modern Warfare 2

NowGamer: When I spent an afternoon playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops’ multiplayer at Treyarch’s Santa Monica headquarters back in August, I loved it. I thought Treyarch was really going to turn a corner this time.

Sensible solutions to problems in previous COD titles had been found and a lot of clever, creative ideas had been added on. When I got home and saw “No Tactical Insertions” in the description of Free-For-All matches, that alone was enough to make me decide to trade-in my copy of Modern Warfare 2. But I didn’t get around to it and, six days later, I’m sure glad of that. Honestly, I’ve been getting so annoyed I almost spilled milk down my chin then punched a wall. Almost...

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T9X692984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

To late, I sold it almost a year ago.

Those 4 reasons can be easily patched. MW2 was plagued with glitches after nearly a week of release and it took IW 10 years to patch the stupid game. Treyarch is already fixing things within the game, the party kicking seems to be fixed as I played all night without having one person get kicked from the party.

mugoldeneagle032984d ago

I traded mine in to Amazon around March or April and still got $30 for it. Why the hell wouldn't I? Paid for half of Red Dead Redemption

T9X692984d ago

I traded mine in at Gamestop when they had a 50% trade in bonus going on, I got $50 for it. That's a damn good deal right there.

Hideo_Kojima2984d ago

I am still keeping mine...

dredgewalker2984d ago

Someone offered me a used copy of MW2 for $20 but the horrible experience I've had with Activision servers were enough for me to backout. I've been expressing my hate for Activision for a long time and if someone say I'm an anti-Activision troll then I wholeheartedly accept that title.

SuperMassiveGav2984d ago

What Activision servers? I'm pretty sure COD has always been peer-to-peer. If Activision provided servers, that would fix a lot of them problems. But it would take A LOT of servers.

dredgewalker2984d ago

Ooooohhh.....I honestly never knew the difference between a server and a peer-to-peer, to me they're all just servers so I thank you for correcting my assumption.

The_Darkest_Red2984d ago

So you can send the disc through a wood-chipper.

JLeVRT2984d ago

The game wasnt THAT fuckin bad.... The campaign was pretty good

Kon_Artist 2984d ago

not even 2 months after launch :/

KillerBBs2984d ago

"Black" "Ops" "is" "Broken"

but i like it now. Get host a dominate!

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velocitygamer2984d ago

100 reasons why you should...

lovestospoodge2984d ago

and i can give over seriously i could..

Perjoss2984d ago

ok, lets not get carried away

visualb2984d ago

I give you 1 example of how you WILL trade in MW2:

You just saw BF:BC2 played before you for the first time and you don't have the money at the moment to get it...

I saw it happen before my eyes with 2 friends =)

chilled2m2984d ago

I do wish the footsteps were more pronounced in the MP. It was great hearing someone sprinting to your position and greeting them with a face-full of lead because you knew exactly where they were coming from. Sound strategy truly did pay off.

Having said that, the other things the guy is talking about will be ironed out in the next few weeks. Millions of people flood the servers every day, and I think Treyarch was a bit unprepared for the volume. (should have done some more comprehensive stress tests on their servers)

The overall experience in MP is still leaps and bounds above MW2 though. I see people actually using variety when it comes to their weapons. I don't feel constantly cheated by quickscoping, one man army noobs running around.

AKissFromDaddy2984d ago

I'm never selling MW2 and in addtion to this list:

5. Horrible graphics
6. Horrible Hit detection
7. Horrible Maps
8. COD Money
9. Horrible Spawning System
10.Underwhelming Kill-streaks
11.Underwhelming Explosions

JLeVRT2984d ago

Get over it... IW isnt THAT bad. They make ONE slightly broken game (multiplayer wise) and you all hate the whole fucking series! Too many fanboys on this damn site... Plus... IW made CoD4. And Treyarch hasnt made ONE game like that since its creation. Face the facts (what used to be) Infinity Ward is better. You can hate the game... But you HAVE to admit it.

mrcash2984d ago

lmao, really footsteps? I can hear people running around and i dont' use headphones. I havent lagged once in black ops,however mw2 was always a lagfest. the pros far outwheigh the cons when it comes to this game. I prefer the sound effects in this game, the guns have more recoil its a bit more "hardcore" if you will. Great game overall.

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