Massive UT3 Preview on Multiplayer, New Modes, Single Player, Vehicles and New Features

UT3 is fighting neck and neck with Crysis for the prettiest game this year. And while Crysis has gorgeous vistas to behold, there is nothing finer than watching slow animation of someone caught in a time bubble, dodging the rockets like a magician's assistant dodges swords. So many FPS games tack on online shooting as an afterthought.

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TriggerHappy4117d ago

Being a big Fan of UT series, I seriosly cannot wait for this game to lanch. With GOW's multiplayer, Epic has already shown what they are capable and this series have always been about multiplayer gaming. Come on November.

picker3324117d ago

The graphic is better on crysis but not far,Ut3 seems mutch better...Crysis look's boring...My opinion...

Rhezin4117d ago

too bad you have to have an expensive monster PC or shell out about 650 for a ps3. Totally NOT down for that.

abg4284117d ago

well thats your own fault, but from the looks of things, it looks like YOU"LL be the one missing out my friend. U know you can't deny that the game looks awesome.

fopums4117d ago

I'm all for news when it comes to UT3 but some more multiplayer vid's would be nice....

not sure what I'm going to do, UT3 is pretty much guaranteed to kick ass or do I want to take a chance and get Haze instead....

Haze single player with co-op, or UT3's multiplayer...decisions, decisions

NRG4117d ago

Is there even any videos of levels that aren't multiplayer? There's a few official ones and you can find boatloads of interviews and shakeycams if you look on places like gametrailers and community sites.

fopums4117d ago

lol yeah good point, dont think Ive seen any sinlge player footage.... but thanks for that heads up, I spaced and forgot about checking gametrailers.

I was resorting to watching a shaky cam on youtube, so the quality was pretty bad xD

Wolfmoonstrike4117d ago

you know I had heard about unreal tournament but never really knew much about but this sh!t sounds Wicked

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