Shank is this weeks Deal of the Week on XBLA

Brutal Gamer writes:

It’s that time of the week again when the Deal of the Week on XBLA is leaked and people go YAY!/MEH! dependant on the prospect in question.

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Yi-Long2984d ago

... like the article says, the 1200 pricetag was ludicrous.

Right now it's a 'normal' price at 800 points, which isn't a 'deal' to me. Probably would have picked it up at launch at 800 pts, but not now.

Go for Super Meat Boy instead, if you haven't already. Now THAT's a game worth 1200 pts, yet at the moment it's still only 800 pts I believe for 1 more week orso!

moosehound2984d ago

Could not agree more mate! SMB is one of the best titles of this year regardless of price or platform. Great title and worth the 1200 points.

I thought to myself "If Shank is 400 or 600 MSP then I will buy it". But at 800 MSP it still feels a little to much.