GoldenEye beats Black Ops in UK Wii charts

ONM: GoldenEye 007 has an early lead over Call Of Duty: Black Ops in the battle of the Wii shooters. Yes, despite going on sale on Tuesday, Black Ops couldn't beat Bond in the Wii charts.

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RedDragan2984d ago

That'll be because Golden Eye >>>>>>>&g t;>>> Black Ops.

smoothdude2984d ago

most people I know own a Wii and another console. My guess is that they already have black ops on the xbox or ps3, so there is no reason to purchase it also for the Wii.

RedDragan2984d ago

And that Golden Eye is >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>> Black Ops.

SpoonyRedMage2984d ago

What I did. Goldeneye on Wii and Black Ops on 360.

I do actually prefer Goldeneye as well... but both are awesome.

TekoIie2984d ago

Well golden Eye is better than black ops on Wii and since i have black ops on ps3 why bother buying it for another system?

N4g_null2983d ago

Soccer moms love goldeneye you know black ops ain't hardcore enough for them.