Gran Turismo 5: Top Gear Intro Emerged, Photo Mode in Action

Two new Gran Turismo 5 videos show the photo mode in action and the Top Gear Challenges intro. First video is available below this news, the second one after the link.

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DoomeDx2988d ago

Godamnit what an annoying player!
I want to see car from up close. But he takes a picture when it likes 100 meters in front of him!

Anyways, cant wait to rent this game!
HAAA kidding! cant wait to buy it and enjoy the hell out of it!

dead_eye2988d ago

Don't be so mean. The player spent ages trying to set it up for a shit picture and I think he was successful.

Kevin ButIer2988d ago

GT5 is going to sell like tea in UK just for having the chance of test some cars with the all mighty Stig.

I <3 top gear too, great news

Dark-Cloud2988d ago

i almost give you a disagree when you said "" can't wait to rent it! '' XD
because you must buy it !! this game is a must buy to all people !! ...

Graey2988d ago

Dude..."Like Tea" comment is priceless.


aceitman2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

the top gear vid

Narutone662988d ago

the amount of contents PD put into this game. The photo mode reminds me of the game Africa.


Pray they don't delay it again!!! .....if it rains on the 24th they might say we have to delay it we want it to be sunny!!!..poly--fony

sleepy32988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I mean, the game has none of the three reasonably priced cars, a HUGE part of top gear. i mean, who doesn't want to beat Hamilton's time in the reasonably priced car.

Neither does it have EIGHT out of the top ten power lap cars. and the two it does have are standard.

Still glad they have the track though, but i REALLY wish they would add the Kia, Chevy and Suzuki reasonably priced cars. Cause I could finally prove Lewis Hamilton just isn't faster than me :)

number472988d ago

Since day one of the show... How is it misleading those people?(millions of top gear/enthusiast)

Misleading is other games advertising "TOP GEAR CONTENT" which contains vehicles Stiggy hasn't even driven.. nor does it include the track.

MaximusPrime2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Im more interested in English site

duplicated already. stolen from GTplanet. (posted 5 hours before this one)

Just Top Gear video would be fine

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The story is too old to be commented.