CoD: Black Ops Easter Eggs

Call of Duty: Black Ops is out and after playing through some of the story mode and many hours of online multiplayer and zombie mode and one of the most interesting parts of the whole game isn’t any of these modes but instead the main menu, why? because theres loads of easter eggs and cheats and here are some of the main steps and things we have found so far since the game has been out!

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gamerdude1322987d ago

Zork. Yeah, just type in "ZORK" and there you go.

gamerdude1322987d ago

Looks like they fixed it now. Nevermind.

christian hour2987d ago

i have a question about 3arc. My bro bought the special edition and got all the WAW zombie maps via a redemption code. Does 3arc just unlock DOA and five, or does it also unlock all those waw maps?

EXID2987d ago

just the 2 you mentioned, unfortunately. there's no way activision would let treyarch give those other maps away for free lol

Ares84PS32987d ago

3ARC UNLCOK = unlocks the Pentagon zombie map "Five"
DOA = unlocks the Dead Ops Arcade Mode
ZORK = unlocks that game I see no point too.

AssassinHD2987d ago

It does not unlock the WaW maps. I would not worry though. It stands to reason that those maps will be made available on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace at some point, with a price of course.

It would not be practical to limit the maps to only collector's edition purchasers. They would not have as many people to play with.

christian hour2985d ago

Dunno why they jsut didnt bundle them in the game, its not like it required any extra work or anything. As far as I can tell its pretty much the same engine its always been. Damn you activision, microsoft and ea, the axis of evil

Ares84PS32987d ago


To unlcok the Pentagon Zombie Map without finishing the game.

Th3 Chr0nic2986d ago

how many sites are going to cover this holy crap its been on here like 10 times already