Nomura Kept Vaan In Dissidia 012[duodecim] Due To Fan Demand

Siliconera: Fan questionnaires made the team change their mind. According to those surveys there was strong demand to have Vaan in the game.

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wwm0nkey2946d ago

Why keep him? he was the worst main...actually he wasnt even the main character, he was just along for the ride.


link just goes to pic of vaan

hot4play2946d ago

As much as I like Vaan (lol) I would have liked Balthier instead to have been included. He's a much "cooler" character. And his gun would have been a first in Dissidia.

Basch would have also been a nice choice opposite Gabranth (for obvious reasons if you've played FF12)... :)

Oh well, Vaan IS the de facto main character anyway of FF12...

BinaryMind2946d ago

What do they mean by fan demand, really? Heck, if I could demand it, I would want Final Fantasy character in the game! Did they really pick Vaan over Ashe, Balthier, and Basch?