Black Ops quibble: is the Tomahawk overpowered?

GMG writes: "Tomahawks kill instantly, no matter where or how hard they hit you; they travel in an arc, meaning they can be used like artillery to soften up ground on the other side of a building; they bounce off walls and floors, making them especially deadly when tossed into buildings. Perhaps it wouldn’t matter so much if the Black Ops maps were larger, but this is CoD, not Battlefield – short to medium-range contact is where it’s at."

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gravemaker2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

tomahawk is so slow...

yeracnivek712987d ago

...ballistic knife is MUUUUUCH better. :D

dirigiblebill2987d ago

It feels a bit like Treyarch saw all the throwing knife kill-footage from MW2 on Youtube, thought "DUDE - cool" and decided to up the ante with Black Ops...

Brixxer6002987d ago

It's a one hit kill weapon that can be thrown the length of the level and bounce around , of course it's too powerful.

Brixxer6002987d ago

Not game - breakingly so but it is overpowered , i like the idea that has been posted about it sticking into buildings ,would be far better than having it bounce around and kill you by hitting you in the ankle.

SkylineR2987d ago

The freaking thing shouldn't bounce like a ball at least. Fair enough it's a 1-hit kill, but if it hits a wall let the bloody thing get stuck in it.

NegativeCreepWA2987d ago

I you had pair and played hardcore it wouldn't make a difference.

Panthers2986d ago

I would play Hardcore but I like Domination too much. Its all I play.

vickers5002986d ago

I don't see an issue with the Tomahawk. For one, it's affected greatly by lag/connection speed, second, unless you are really good, you are going to miss with the Tomahawk at least 70% of the time, and third, the tomahawk kill/bounce thing doesn't really happen all that often.

Complaining about the Tomahawk thing is just a gripe that it's not realistic, but the game isn't supposed to be realistic, it's supposed to be an arcade shooter. Another complaint about it I see is that it shouldn't kill you if it hits you in the leg, but then I would say again that the game is not supposed to be realistic. Not to mention, if it wasn't a one hit kill, then do you realize how useless the thing would be? There would be no point to having one if they made it realistic, it would just be one of the worst and most useless pieces of equipment in the game.

vickers5002986d ago

How so? I've covered most, if not all, of the complaints with the tomahawk, but I'll just take a guess and say that you're talking about the bounce thing, to which I say again, that it doesn't happen very often so it's not that big of an issue.

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Jdoki2987d ago

It's only overpowered if I get hit by one!! Otherwise it's fine! :)

Rusco872987d ago

Sometimes I feel that no one could throw a knife or tomahawk that well every time. I mean there should be a challenge "you lucky bastard" where the knife or tomahawk bounces off you because the butt of it hit you. giving the same damage as a grenade of flashbang is thrown at someones head. just a thought.

Jdoki2987d ago

Great idea. Hope Treyarch are trolling the CoD threads on N4G and steal your idea!!

I got clipped by a tomahawk in a game the other day. On replay it barely grazed my characters little toe... And yet I was dead!

Good job I suck at CoD, otherwise I'd be pretty annoyed to lose a huge killstreak from that!! :)

Calm Down Sunshine2987d ago

Nothing wrong with it.

Stop complaining you nonces.

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