Gran Turismo 5: Complete Options Menu, Stunning Car Service & Maintenance Footage

Two new Gran Turismo 5 videos show the complete options menu and car service & maintenance footage. First video is available below, the second one under the link.

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MGRogue20172985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


Gran Turismo 5 - GT Auto - Car Service & Maintenance

Gran Turismo 5 - Options Menu

jizzyjones2985d ago


Whats the deal with the 'standard car' wheel customisation?

getting a bit tired of the standard/premium thing already

Next_Up2985d ago

Dude if this game doesn't receive 9.5 or 10 from the [email protected] who gave Forza3 (an average arcade racer) 10's across the boards then all is lost in gaming. This game wipes it's cheeks with every "supposedly" racing sim ever made.


morganfell2985d ago

It doesn't matter. This game, like MGS4 and several PS3 titles before it will be dissected in a manner, and for reasons which other games get a pass.

Remember how broken the Gears 2 multiplayer was when it came out? Did any major site mention this or did they just slap a 9+ on it?

Baka-akaB2985d ago

yup the game will be under a scrutiny like no other .
Of course there will be some bs like "it's because the game was hyped/awaited for so long" , when other shorter developped games get the same harsh treatment .

I wont go paranoid and say it's a anfi and fanboy thing from the press , but there is definitively some weird higher standard and expections for ps3 exclusives , wich ends up being a double edged sword .

It's also Sony's fault ... they worded the issue poorly with standard/premium cars . It automatically translate in most brains like standard cars are unfinished , when they are easily up to the modelisation standards of every other great racers ... and doesnt let you think that the game got 200+ cars fully modelized , with close to 0 in other games .

TOO PAWNED2985d ago

we all know 360 has free pass on so many issues, so don't be bothered by reviews. We all know in lifetime sales 10 million people will buy GT5, while FOrza is lucky if it breaks 1 million, so who cares about Forza some unknown game. We might as well speak about Need for Speed, that is bigger franchise.

NitrousX2985d ago

I believe PD didn't have enough time to customize the standard cars seeing that they had to render the GT4 cars in HD. So changing wheels on standard cars is disable nor can you change the colour of the wheels. Most customizations is only available on the premium cars.

Considering that we have so many new features coming its only a minor set back. I have no qualms with it.

Brixxer6002985d ago

I'm sure this game will be brilliant but i do have qualms about not being able to change wheels on standard cars , i like to personalise everything and while it may seem insignificant i actually think it's quite a big deal.

I wouldn't boycott the game or start slagging people off about it but it is slightly disappointing

SMW2985d ago

this is what im talking about when I say PD have shocking time management skills. Forza, for all its faults lets you change wheels on all your cars. If PD is so good, why cant they match that standard feature? Surely replacing part of the 3d Model cant be that hard.

Sure, Sony fanboys, bubble-rape me, call me a troll, whatever. Im going to be playing this more than most of you. Doesnt mean we cant critisize obvious faults in the game. F3 DOES have more consistant detail on all of its cars.

DigitalAnalog2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

PD are the types of people that recreated ONE premium car in a total of 6 months.

They are the types of people that recreates ONE track in a total amount of 2 years.

This is what seperates them from any other sim. Sure they could take the "easy" route, putting "scripted" damage and updated not-so-detailed interiors, etc etc.

Please remember that KAZ is CATERING to the hardcore of the hardcore so it is understandable that average gamers like us may find this to be overwhelming and confusing. They are the total opposite of Activision/COD, and I admire them for it. Consider GT5 the BIGGEST "niche" of the gaming franchise.

-End statetment

Si-Fly2985d ago

I agree with you SMW. I put over 150 hours into Forza3 and I know I'll be putting more into this but I am slightly disappointed by the standard cars and lack of features for them.

Having said that I don't think it'll spoil my enjoyment of the game. I gave up playing forza because of the kick system and bias towards audis in the game. As long as GT plays well and the online component works I'll be happy until gt6.

kasasensei2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

-news talks about gt5
-add stunning word to it
-even if
-it's not.

edit: No others body parts, only a wing... omg
Too bad, those Civic are one of my favorite cars in this game. Often the first i drive in it.

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