The Most Offensive Games of 2010 | GameState

"We've all seen the most offensive games of all time, but what about the games that were released this year?" - GameState

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WobblyOnion2986d ago

This stuff's all child's play! when's the next Postal out?

granthinds2986d ago

So you're one of THOSE species of mankind, hmmm?!

Acquiescence2986d ago

then who are we to judge?

Cajun Chicken2986d ago

Postal's awesome. Don't mock it. It mocks itself.

hoops2986d ago

Damn I loved Postal. The first one was the best

"Only my hand guns understand me.."


lord zaid2986d ago

As offensive games go, I think this year has been pretty tame.

Btw - Nice Haircut dude.

whateva2986d ago

and said why they got to make the black dude act like a black dude lol. they got it down packed too Du-Rag & Jordans even his movements & laugh. I'm like I think I know this ****.

granthinds2986d ago

Dude, it's completely racist. I laughed as well cos i can make light of these things, but that doesn't make it less wrong or less offensive.

wsoutlaw872986d ago

are you saying a black guy like that doesn't exist. maybe you are racist for thinking that its a bad thing for a black person to act like that.

nnotdead2986d ago

it maybe stereotyping, but thats different from being racist. wsoutlaw87 has it right. if you think acting like that is a bad thing, it would seem you're the only racist one in the equation.

ianfelmore2986d ago

You left the most recent one out: Call of Duty: Black Ops features an attempted assassination of Fidel Castro and Cuba is not a happy chappy. "What the United States couldn't accomplish in more than 50 years, they are now trying to do virtually," - an article on the State-run Cubadebate

vrylstminute2986d ago

What was that random boob shot in the small screen about? How strange...

granthinds2986d ago

That is strange. Lucky someone in the office had to tell them to tone it down.

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The story is too old to be commented.