Japan: We Love Cars, Kinect, Notsomuch

PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 5 might be released a week after Kinect hits Japan on November 20, but the game already looks set to run over Microsoft's motion control system this holiday season.

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Godmars2902989d ago

More like they're paying people to post positively in forums.

If they were actually paying people to play, pretty sure they'd be in the stores playing.

MisterNiwa2988d ago

Well only the Microsoft Kinect Personell was playing so the title is quite right.

R2D22988d ago

So now Kinect is being compared to GT5 -_-

What happened to the Kinect vs Move? and if GT5 does not kill Kinect then should we compare it to Killzone 3 next year.

I dont even care for Kinect but just watching the but hurt people hate on something they fare is too funny.

darthv722988d ago

i dont know if it will ever EVER be able to release a console that market will embrace. They have certainly done a far better job this time than the original xbox.

securing deals for games that would suit the market. Advertising, give-aways. I dont get it. There is more to alienating the xbox brand in japan than just simply it being MS. I feel sorry for them actually.

Kind of like what happened to the dreamcast. It is a great system with great games but people werent interested. They rather turn their back than pick up the controller and really give it a try.

Who knows, maybe if they liked it........?

Lightsaber2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

thats like saying the sky is blue. No sh!t the sky is blue. Japanese are just plain racist hell sony pretty much said they dont care about any of their customers outside of japan (and only the males in japan)recently. That should say something about how highly the japanese think of americans right there.

btw dreamcast was doin well in the us just not japan. Again Sega was an american company

darthv722988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

"Again Sega was an american company."

Sega, like sony and nintendo, has an american branch but their corporate branch is in japan.

MS has some perseverance about sticking it through a market that shuns them. If anything, that may be what it takes to crack japan.

Sayai jin2988d ago

@Lightsaber- The Japanese are not racist they just have brand loyalty. Their economy is the 2nd best in the world and it is only that way due to their Automotive and electronic industry. Without great exporting the economy would crumble. Their are some exception to the rule, but this is the common theme. I lived in Japan during the release and asked several friends what they thought about MS and other company prducts (Xbox included) it was pretty much what I listed above.
Oh, Sega is Sega LTD of Japan, a Japanese company not American.

On topic, comparing a console peripheral to a game is a sad sad way to compare/article.

Game on...

A Cupcake for Gabe2988d ago

Whay are the all the comments above from users with starwars references?

Anyway, Japan doesn't dig or respect MS's bullcrap. So regardless of the product, they don't eat up on hype.

Cevapi882988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

the problem with MS and Japan is quality management...when Americans came over and introduced quality management to the Japanese, they took it to another level...most Japanese view the companies they work for as their families...anything that the employee needs the company takes care of and vice versa with employees doing the same for their employers

one example is that HP had a business meeting with a tech company from Japan...they had this policy of 2% defectives...the Japanese vehemently refused, yet the americans kept pushing...they eventually agreed....come the shipment of the products...the Japanese sent HP one box of 100% working products and in a little box 2% of defective items that the americans kept pushing and pushing for...Japanese dont understand hardware failure and try to push for 100% quality management and the same goes for their products

so if you think of RROD, this was one of many things that turned the Japanese away from the 360

Kevin ButIer2988d ago

360 strategy - Relly on Kinect

PS3 strategy - Relly on 1st party exclusives

Kinect market... kids and women... so Im off

See ya in GT5

Exquisik2988d ago

"I dont even care for Kinect but just watching the but hurt people hate on something they fare is too funny."

Where were you when the PS3 was first released?

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r1sh122988d ago

a microsoft games console will not be for japan until they get most of the developers on their side.
Japan will not respond to an american console unless the american company understand the japanese market better.

N4Great2988d ago

They have a better product, with more and better great games, for the same price, and it's japanese (bonus), why would you them to choose the other way ?

european, americans will do the exact same thing (and they are, despite the huge ms marketing and brainwashing)

Spartanv072988d ago

that's an opinion. 360 has way better online and 95% of multiplatform titles play and run better on 360.

Cyrax_872988d ago

PS3 can have 256 people playing in the same game with absolutely no lag at all. Sure Live has more features, but to say "it has way better online" is a joke.

Boody-Bandit2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

created 825 days ago and this is the first time you are using it since you created it? Wow that is seriously lame.

On topic:
MS will never take off in Japan.
There is nothing they can do to change this. They have been in the gaming industry for going on a decade now and Japan is simply not interested.

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hennessey862988d ago

ill be enjoying gt5 and kinect for the forseeable future im just glad i didnt listen to the idiots on this site because kinect is fantastic and alot of fun and as for the japanese not taking to kinect well its to be expected i mean most of them live in places the size of a small box so most of them wont have the room 4 kinect but i believe they would be interested in the tech but not the price.

RedDead2989d ago

Sankaku complex....such a flamebait site..with boobies!

Cratos87802988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

it must be the opposite day, Kotaku reported this news too. lol.

ontopic: GT5 FTW!

Acquiescence2988d ago

Not necessarily because of the barrage of animated nudeyness that greets you when you enter it, but because, somehow, when you combine hentai with an army of weeaboos, shit automatically gets weird. Weirder. Creepy weird.

Mizz_mai2988d ago

lol....very true but...let's not get the credability of the site confused with the

Odin7772988d ago

Just because they have porn they can't report gaming news? The simplest news to report I might add.

outwar60102989d ago

lol dont you love ms business tactics (didnt they pay millions of dollars in cheques for film studio to embrace hd dvd and look how that turned out)

dazreah2988d ago

No they did not no idea where you got that from. But hey its anti MS so people here will agree with you.

AceofStaves2988d ago

Perhaps you weren't around when Paramount and Dreamworks dropped support for Blu-Ray in 2007?

MS and Toshiba provided both promotional and financial incentives for the move.

Biggest2988d ago

I'm ten hours late to this one. WOW! Nothing like a nationally syndicated news firm's article to slap the ignorance out of you, eh dazreah? Microsoft can't pay enough to get Japan into the Kinect thing. As soon as they gain any traction, which they won't, Nintendo will release something better (3DS).

Neko_Mega2988d ago

It was a inside joke, only the store people were really playing Kinect, but the people that didn't work at the store went to GT5.

It isn't really a shock Kinect wouldn't do good in Japan, PS3 sells well their and the only games they like that use cams like Kinect are porn games.

So really it is like a number of adults that might buy it, if they don't already have something like it.