IGN AU Interview: Robert Walsh, Krome Studios CEO

IGN AU: "The worrying economic downturn has hit the games development industry in a big way. Krome Studios, once Australia's largest independent developer, has had to drastically scale back operations after a string of average game releases and unreliable contracts. After reading IGN's in-depth expose on the final days of Krome, here's our interview with Krome Studios' CEO, Robert Walsh. Walsh speaks candidly about the risks of developing original IP, the global development scene, his response to perceived Krome-critics and much more."

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Cajun Chicken3485d ago

Hope they recover, Blade Kitten seemed like a pretty good game, now I don't want to be a hypocrite, but I really couldn't afford it, but from the demo I played it seemed to be an excellent game.

What should happen now, maybe Activision could do some good for once acquire them and get these guys settled down to take over Crash Bandicoot developmental duties and make a digital download Crash game, but with Blade Kitten's quality.

and I feel pretty bad for not playing a TY title and honestly, Game Room sucked, but that's MS's fault, not Kromes. Krome deserves to stay open as it was just gaining some level of recognition.

And when I have the money, doubt if it helps, but I will buy Blade Kitten, it seemed freaking awesome, I hope they still have more planned on the way.