A.V Club: Kinect Review

A.V. Club: "When Microsoft first announced Kinect in 2009, they promised a device that would do nothing short of showering players with miracles. Want to play a racing game? Hold your hands out in front of you, pretend you’re holding a steering wheel, and voilà! You’re playing a racing game. Not only would Kinect recognize faces and voices and allow gamers to hold invisible steering wheels, it would also do the Wii one better by exorcising the game controller from the experience altogether."

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ComboBreaker2991d ago

"Kinect doesn’t feel like a better way to play—it’s more like a barrier between you and the game. Instead of drawing gamers deeper into the experience and making things more immersive, actions like navigating gameplay menus or pausing a game—simple actions that gamers take for granted—suddenly feel complex and needlessly obtuse... gamers will pine for the poetic certainty of an old-fashioned button press."