A.V. Club: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Review

A.V. Club: "Hey, so it turns out war might actually be kinda a bad thing. Call Of Duty: Black Ops asserts this fifth-grader-level thesis statement throughout its seven-hour campaign, though it gets muddied by its glorification of how brutally you can kill animals, your fellow man, and eventually Fidel Castro. Breaking with the series’ tradition of planting you in the combat boots of different soldiers from different countries, Black Ops focuses solely on a single man: Alex Mason, perhaps America’s most resilient Cold War soldier. You’ll take him through Cuba, Vietnam, and the Soviet Republic, even taking a direct order from President Kennedy. Somewhere in there, unbeknownst to anyone, Mason gets brainwashed. And although some of the story’s twists and turns feel plucked straight out of Screenwriting For Dummies, how it all comes together in the end is blindsidingly clever."

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