Homemade video game wins $10Gs

Grocery clerk contemplating hanging up his apron and designing games for a living after his efforts earned him a tie for first place in Microsoft's recently wrapped Dream-Build-Play contest, netting him $10,000 US and an agreement with Microsoft to have the game released for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade.

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Mighty Boom4068d ago

I have a BS in Marketing but I'm going back to school in the spring of 08 to work on a BS and an MS in computer science. Its a combined program and Florida State University. I would rather make video games than market them for sure. Anyway, its a long road to obtain the BS/MS but I'm up for the journey. Maybe if I'm lucky Ill be working for Epic in a few years...

007craft4067d ago

i played that game at x07. Hes lucky MS paid him $10 000, cause the game sorta sucks.