Treyarch Developer Dissects Black Ops PC Problems

PC Call of Duty Black Ops players have had a bit of a rough time since the game went live early last week, many frustrated with technical problems and demanding answers feel abandoned in the face of poor communication from the companies PR department. However a lone Treyarch developer known only as PCDev has spent the last few hours trying to quell the masses answering any question thrown his way, the most obvious being “when will the game be fixed”

Immediately becoming a fan favourite after tweeting “We have some nice optimizations for better FPS going into QA tomorrow.” gamers flocked to his twitter page throwing every question under the sun in his direction.

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Muramasta2985d ago

Hurray they're working hard....

gamesmaster2985d ago

good thing, the gameplay is fun but technically this game is a mess right now.

i dont expect everything to be fixed in one patch though.

Muramasta2984d ago

Yeah I went into this game expecting the game play to be pretty lame, but even with the issues I've enjoyed it.

Baka-akaB2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

meh You'd believe by the amount of issues they have they'd be working on a whole new engine ... when it's the same for now 4 games in a row (worse , even 4 games ago , it was still the good old q3 engine , even if heavily modified later on ) and when a sizeable chunk of the technical part is already done by IW .

HeroPsychoDreamer2985d ago

Releasing a half ass job isn't good enough. Don't they test the games before releasing?? Or is this Activision pushing for a release to have the game out before christmas? Don't know why people use their money on not finished products. This would be like buying a car without wheels or seats.

Ducky2985d ago

... or buying a car who's accelerator pedal has a tendency to get stuck.

Johandevries2984d ago

...or buying a car whose wheel tends to be unstable

r1sh122984d ago

all I can say about this, its a much better response compared to the IW devs and PR people.
We rarely heard anything, they didnt even bother patching any issues/weapons apart from the models.