El33tonline Hands-on preview: DC Universe Online

El33tonline writes:

"During a recent visit to Sony Online Entertainment’s Austin Studio in Texas, El33tonline got to spend some quality hands-on time with DC Universe Online. Here’s our thoughts on how the game is shaping up.

When you think of an MMO the chances are that the name World of Warcraft pops into your head. That’s because WoW, as it has become affectionately known over the years, has become synonymous with the MMO genre, dominating it and making other MMO would-be developers quake in their boots. And so it was both brave and ambitious for Sony Online Entertainment to even consider this project, because venturing into a territory already dominated by another game must be a daunting task. Creating a game based on a popular comic book franchise is an even greater challenge, daunting in its own way because of the DC Universe comic book fans that would start an uprising if the smallest detail were found to be incorrect in this 75 year old universe."

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