Manny Pacquiao loves Punch-Out!!

"Paul Gale Network (which in addition to being a video game news site is also a source of expertise in various martial arts) has just a very funny promotional video of Manny Pacquiao and the old school Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!"

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DonkeyKingKong332985d ago

Oh my gosh that was funny! I love watching PacMan fight and didn't know that he had that much of a sense of humor. :) It makes me happier than before to be a fan of his because even though he's a serious athlete he takes time to do something funny like this. :) Go PacMan!

GodzillaOwns2985d ago

that was hilarious "macho man is a douche bag" lol!

SonicBoomBoom42985d ago

He really IS Little Mac!!!! That was a seriously good fight n hope he fights Floyd Mayweather in 2011.

SurfnUSA2985d ago

Thats so cool. Absolutely love it!

jmay1362985d ago

he is in the Filipino government!

GodzillaOwns2985d ago

can't wait til he becomes president!

WiiRemotes22985d ago

Honestly a badass fight against Margarito and a great fight from both men. Funny too =)

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