Homefront Singleplayer Campaign Screenshots

Some new screens of Homefront’s singleplayer campaign (a first showing, even) that really seems to nail the look of a foreign-military occupied America in some of these shots.

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Nihilism2987d ago

Looks awesome. Too bad the release is like a year away...

ninpo142987d ago

kinda of reminds me of uncharted

Nihilism2987d ago

Personally it reminds me more of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider


Quagmire2987d ago

it reminds me of guitar hero

Bonerboy2987d ago

This one looks like some good fun. Happy to wait for this title.

KotC2987d ago

From the guys that made Frontlines one of the most underrated games this gen.

snoopgg2987d ago

I loved that game. Blackops even borrowed the rc drone from that game.

sonicsidewinder2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I'm glad people notice.

Black Ops borrows almost too much to be considered original.

Influences stem from:

Frontlines, Left for Dead, Assasins Creed & Counter Strike, to films such as the Deer Hunter, Platoon and Apocalypse Now.

Gun-Game treyarch? Wow, was doing that in CS 1998 mate.

I think everyone (cept people who only played COD) can agree with that. When you see something (someone) copy so much, theyre just trying too hard. Thats how i view Black Ops, good game or not.

I havn't thought of buying it yet. £45 for a Campaign i've seen in the movies, multiplayer with minimal change plus all the obvious 'room' left in the game for dlc. No taa.

sonicsidewinder2987d ago

Could be special if done right.

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