The 10 Best James Bond Games Ever Developed

Ex: "Ian Fleming's suave, sexy and totally badass secret agent has been the source material for a number of video games over the last two decades. It started in 1983 with “James Bond 007” for the Atari 2600 (amongst others), and the latest entry is Activision's “GoldenEye 007” for Nintendo Wii. In this time, there's been over 23 video games made based on the adventures of the British spy. Some of them have been worthy of the “James Bond” name, others haven't."

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tehk1w12989d ago

Disagree with #1 -- Everything or Nothing or Nightfire deserve #1

killyourfm2989d ago

Goldeneye 64 has my heart - it hasn't aged well but damnit, it has my heart.

Neo Nugget2989d ago

Oh God, Nightfire was awesome!

sinncross2989d ago

Everything or Nothing/ Nightfire were absolutely great fun!

I also liked Agent Under Fire for its arcade-esque nature.

PS360fanboy2989d ago

I'm with you guys! I didn't own a N64 so to me, Nightfire is the best Bond game ever. The local MP was absolutely fantastic! It's a sacrilege to place Blood Stone above it!

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Urmomlol2989d ago

GoldenEye has always been one of the most overrated games of all time. There were PC games out at the same time taht were miles ahead of GoldenEye.

IaMs122989d ago

Yes, thats PC this is a console at the time FPS on console wasnt the biggest thing.

multipayer2989d ago

Now there is console FPS out miles ahead of PC. Well, at least running on superior engines with everything set on medium. It's a damn shame.

That said, I think Goldeneye was one of, if not the best engine in 1997. :p

Kos-Mos2989d ago

Your comment is the reason you only have two bubbles.
Sit down, breathe and take a journey through your mind and find out what`s wrong.

wingman32x2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Overrated by PC standards, maybe. But as far as console games go you simply cannot deny the impact it had on that portion of the industry. It created a precedent for the console shooters we see today.

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Jawmuncher2989d ago

Everything or Nothing was so awesome

Shackdaddy8362989d ago

I remember this one 007 game that I got for the gamecube a long time ago. I absolutely loved it. I forgot what it was called but I cant even tell you how long my little brother and I sat in front of the T.V. killing bots in split-screen multiplayer. I loved that game so much...I gotta go see which JB it is....

lolcatz2989d ago

Goldeneye is still by far my favorite N64 game of all time.

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