TitanReviews: Metro 2033 Review for Holiday Buyers

Metro 2033 is one of those games that is hit and miss, but if you do pick it up it’s a great game. Even though its story is somewhat average the rest of the game is great. The atmosphere is perfect for the setting of the game and you’ll be amazed by how immersed you feel while traveling on the surface. Even though the gameplay falls a little short, this game is still very unique and is worth atleast a rent.

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BeOneWithTheGun2987d ago

I got half way through the game and got a bunch of holes shot into my gas mask. Of course, there are no masks anywhere on the level so I have to play the rest of the game literally blind as a bat. The cracks are so bad I cannot see ANYTHING.

From the forums, it seems like it's a glitch. Since I used my last mask the one by default on my face I cannot take off or change. I stopped the game right there and sold it. Pissed me off!

Op242987d ago

Suprisingly I had the exact same problem right before I had to leave the underground to go above ground. So I basically kept looking for one outside and I luckily found one laying on a box. I would've had to restart the whole level if I didn't get lucky and find that mask lol