The Japan Preview: 11/14 Edition (Mario Wii HW, Tactics Ogre)

VGC: "Questions surrounding the Japanese holiday rush have largely been answered in recent days. Gran Turismo 5 and Donkey Kong Country: Returns will both arrive in 2010. Over this week through the end of the year, the major pushes for hardware in Japan are as follows:

DS - 11/20 Pokemon DSi bundles, several modest to large game launches from this week onwards.

PSP - 11/18 - New PSP bundles. 12/1 - Monster Hunter Portable 3 (this game will be huge - see below)

X360 - 11/20 - Kinect launch. 12/16 - Final Fantasy XIII X360 (yet to release in Japan)

PS3 - 11/18 - Torne PS3 bundle. 11/25 - Gran Turismo 5 (and its bundles). Several other modest to large game launches.

Wii - 11/11 (this week) - Mario 25th Anniversary Wii bundle (includes an older Mario game). 11/25 - Mario Sports Mix. 12/9 - DKC: Returns. One or two other modest launches."

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