Gran Turismo 5 NZ Release Date - revised date

NZGamer: For whatever reason, Sony have confirmed that the originally supplied date (24th) was incorrect and that GT5 will in fact be hitting shelves nationwide from the 25th.

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Ilikegames762989d ago

in New Zealand is November 24 in the US. So technically, it's the same day.

PHOSADRA2989d ago

In time for Black Friday on the 26th

HOTA9X2989d ago

The US must hate us we get games before them now, lol

Masterchef20072989d ago

Oh noez a one day delay it is the end of the world lol

Close_Second2989d ago

...its out in time for Xmas so thats all I care about.

Freshnikes2989d ago

Wow this car just made me pre - order again I had cancelled cause of the delays...but I just google this and wow I'm at a loss for words...

Ilikegames762989d ago

was included in GT4 before, no surprise that it's included in GT5. You should be excited for the other new cars that are included in GT5.

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