Hack turns Kinect into 3D video capture tool

the Kinect transformed by the power of open-source drivers into a true 3D video camera for capturing oneself. UC Davis visualization researcher Oliver Kreylos fed the streams from his peripheral's infrared and color cameras into a custom program that interpolated and reconstructed the result, generating a mildly mindblowing 3D virtual reality environment he can manipulate at will.

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Mystogan4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

There should be some method to let it know exactly what the other side of the box looks like.

Imagine a game that uses this technique

See the possibility's here? lets see the Eyetoy/PSeye do that...NOT


Nice try, but thats something totally different.

Nitrowolf24699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )



from what i see here, i might be confused, but technically it's the same. From what i see, unless i am missing something, he captured himself on a Kinect and can move around freely at different angles from what the cam have captures (which explains the strange shadows). The link i showed pretty much shows that it can capture also and transfer it into a software like 3D Max and give you a clean object to work with and still its the same since you can move freely at the angles that were captured.

So yes he says he can capture a 3D structure, which the link i supplied shows the same thing. Imagine if he used 3 of them to capture all the angles, now that would be awesome

Mystogan4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

You are confused.

What kinect does is 3D VIDEO Capture. Without any extra accesory, which enables you to manipulate the world around you in real-time, like in that video.

PSeye needs that extra laser thingy and with that produces basically a 3D PICTURE.
Nothing special and can be done with any good webcam.

Nope you would need an infrared and an RGB camera which the pseye doesn't have.
basically you need kinect to pull it off.

As expensive as the Kinect sounds, a REAL 3D motion capture camera can costs you million's.

Nitrowolf24699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

I guess the huge difference is price
Kinect 150$ Plus open source(free

PSeye $40 and the the 3D printer which is expensive as he11(from what i found)

Edited: wouldn't it be software base? I mean couldn't someone just make a software that captures the video using the eye 3D method?

Nitrowolf24699d ago

well i did say the 3D Printer is expensive as hell, thanks for clearing things up. So yeah this can be extremely useful on PC modeling and other stuff.

Rush4698d ago

Colour me impressed, I don't often get impressed by tech like this but I have to say that's awesome.

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a_squirrel4699d ago

This is what I was waiting for, a reason to buy kinect. Specifically, this, because I knew people could, I was waiting for someone to do that. Of course, I'm not a game developer or a modder (pc games) so I would not have any use to this other than to 'wow' my friends.

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fear884698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

In fact if you look at the how to make a makerscanner at this page


The only real object missing is not the 3D printer but rather the Laser Pointer.

The 3D printer was used to "print" a housing for the PS Eye and Laser Pointer.

On this link you can see that the actual setup to scan in 3D does not require a 3D printer.


In fact the housing can easily be made out of Legos if you wanted.

So in a sense this Kinect tech is, again, nothing new.

kneon4698d ago

If you want the other side of the box then you either need to turn the box around or if you want to do this in real time then use multiple cameras.

Using 2, or preferably 3 cameras you could capture a scene in 3D. While it looks very cool it still would need a lot of software to make it useful in a game as it would just be a bunch of unknown objects as far as a game is concerned.

Animal Mutha 764698d ago

This is fu*king clever really.

Lets put aside any fanboy loyalties to a particular brand but this tech for the future is very clever. I bet that most of the next gen consoles will have their own versions of this tech.

I still prefer a controller for games but voice and gesture control for all of the OS features would be awsome.

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wwm0nkey4699d ago

Thats pretty cool, cant wait to see some applications used for gaming on the PC with this, head tracking has always suffered from poor lighting for me and hair, this could actually let anyone easily do head tracking with very few issues.

gigaware4699d ago

Most exciting product of this generation. Can't wait to see what is in the future from Microsoft, developers and hackers.

MajestieBeast4699d ago

Ye lets forget the Iphone,Android phones and lets forget bluray and 3D cause kinect is the most exciting out of all of em /S You have been completely brainwashed by those crappy kinect promo's.

slate914699d ago

*sniff* *sniff*...hmmmm

N4Great4699d ago

Wouah...new level.

you've reached the top fanboy all of fame. :)

gigaware4699d ago (Edited 4699d ago )

3D has been around since the 70s and sharper dvds isn't as exciting or as useful as 3D telescopic natural motion(full body multi view capture in 3D)

I was talking about the gaming industry in the first place but yes sharper DVDs and watching a movie in 3D is a poor comparison.

Watching a sharp DVD in 3D will change the way people use tech and it will also change our lives /S dee dee dee dee. 3D blu-ray has so many other uses :p

MajestieBeast4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

You said product in general not gaming related. Then it still wouldnt be the best product simply cause half the games dont work like joyride,sonic,kinect sports and fighters uncaged.

kissmeimgreek4699d ago

try the whole kinect line up.
Its gonna be a while till we see any nonofficail game support for kinect.

lzim4699d ago

Augmented Reality games (which in the short term would be like Sony's eye pet) and eventually with enough depth cameras and 3D monitors or a 3D laser projection, it would be interesting to see how close gaming would come to 3D holograms.

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