3D Gaming Getting Too Costly? Contour Introduces Energy-Saving 3D Batteries

Anyone who wants to make the leap into visually adventurous world of active stereoscopic 3D will find that it’s an expensive and costly hobby to maintain. Contour Energy Systems has introduced a new set of energy saving batteries for active shutter 3D glasses that can be used with 3DTVs, Nvidia Vision 3D and overall anything active shutter 3D worthy.

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SMW2986d ago

What is this sh*t?

Ive finished Black Ops in 3D, played the hell out of tumble and 3D rift, and logged hours of Killzone 2 and GT:HD in "fake" 3D and my original batteries (Ex Demo ie;used) are still going strong.

Paying 2 dollars every two months of watching isnt what I'd call expenive...