GameTrailers Bonus Round 411: Sony's 2010 Grade

2010 is slowly coming to a close, and in this new episode of the Bonus Round our industry experts grade Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft’s performances and make their predictions for 2011! Shacknews’ Garnett Lee, Pach-Attack’s Michael Pachter and Hit Detection’s N’Gai Croal fire on all cylinders as they put the big three console players under the microscope for 2010! Did the 3DS steal the show at E3 this year – and what does Nintendo need to do next year to combat Kinect and Move? Was the PS3 successful in 2010 – and does Apple pose a threat?

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Parapraxis2985d ago

Really good episode, good topics discussed.
The psp2 discussion was very good.

zoks3102985d ago

Too bad this recorded before GT5 release date announcement, MP would have chose the PS3 as the console to get this holiday.