Call of Duty Black Ops gets slammed across the web

GGG: For all the launch fanfare, it sounds like Call of Duty Black Ops may be suffering from Fallout New Vegas syndrome. On forums around the Web, you're confronted with waves of opprobrium that range from shots at the graphics and story mode to complaints about unjustifiably poky performance and crippling multiplayer lag.

"This game was a huge letdown," says one reviewer of the PC version. "It is filled with bugs, laggy servers, graphics issues, and an overall 'tacky' feel. The graphics are also a downgrade from Modern Warfare 2, which is severely disappointing."

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BakedGoods2988d ago

Lots of lag, bogus hitcounters (see: "I totally shot first!"), disconnects and system freezes.

Black Ops is a great game, lets just hope Treyarch can man up and release a solid patch.

LevDog2988d ago

Yes The shot first thing is the worst.. I shoot first and then watch kill cam only to see I didnt shoot at all

roguewarrior2988d ago

that's been my biggest COD peeve, since COD4

ChineseDemocracy2988d ago

Dedicated servers anyone? Host advantage is so ridiculous, you can get away with anything.

Motion2988d ago

I haven't played a CoD since MW1, but I thought BO had dedicated servers?

FrankenLife2988d ago

Black Ops has dedicated servers on the PC and that hasn't gone so well for them. Console games rarely ever have dedicated servers. 90% of the time if you are playing online on a console, then you are playing pvp. Play games on the PC if you want dedicated servers.

jeseth2988d ago

This game makes enough money to support it, I don't get it why they don't.

A lot of people I know have been turned off by Black Ops and are starting to question Activision's Quality vs. Quantity.

Cod is becoming the new Guitar Hero.

nycredude2988d ago


OR play on the Ps3.

Lifendz2987d ago

Bubbles up. I don't get it either. it's extremely greedy and short sided. If there were dedicated servers I wouldn't be thinking about trading the bleeping game in already. The lag is especially bad in Ground War but it's present in all game modes. Thankfully the single player is decent. I'm going to hold on in the hopes of a patch by the end of the month.

FrankenLife2987d ago


Even then that is still just sometimes. MAG is the only one that know for sure that uses dedicated servers. I think SOCOM did and Warhawk did, but I not totally positive on those. All multiplatform games are still pvp on the PS3. The only thing that the publishers servers do is match making, and some persistent data storage. EA may be an exception. I know they did something different for BFBC2, but I am not sure what exactly.

Millah2987d ago

Yes I understand the complaints about bugs and hit markers and all that stuff. But graphics? Really? Are we playing the same game, because to me Black Ops seems yo have much better technical effects, like much better lighting detail, much better textures, and overall just a bit more sharp and vivid. And head to head screenshots I've seen seem to enforce that. So I don't understand any of the complaints about graphics, it basically looks like a slightly better MW2.

Now art direction, and graphics engines are two completely different things. I think some of these people really don't like the slightly different modeling and art style than MW2, and that's fine, but don't say the graphics are a step back because they aren't.

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princejb1342988d ago

the glitches and bugs are really something
i dont really care much about the graphics
but in my opinion i dont even like the maps
they freaking suck, nuketown is the worst map ever

i just went back to modern warfare 2 today
ill wait for the patch to see what happens

HornyHaggis2988d ago

Going back to modern warfare 2? That's the worst idea ever, I went back to COD4 two days after Black Ops was released. Riddled with bugs, sniping is impossible ( and being a COD4 player back in the day I strongly believe they should have just removed Sleight Of Hand Pro for snipers and left it at that. I honestly don't know anyone who played COD4 and complained about quickscopers because without the SOH pro it was quite hard.

Seems like Treyarch are making the game more casual then IW even tried to go. Listening to the fans who suck at the game and want a bit of a chance to shine so they add things like death perks and gimp sniping. I'm not even that big a fan of sniping but there are 99 other problems I could list off why I wouldn't want to go back to it. COD4 FTW!

princejb1342988d ago

well i still enjoy mw2
and i dont have money to buy the first modern warfare

like i said ill wait for the black ops patch
and ill retry the game again after

Raf1k12988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

If anyone wants to go back to a previous CoD game it's got to be the first Modern Warfare. It's the best one IMO.

ad4mb2988d ago

Cod 2 is by far the best cod... imo of course :)

NickIni2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

COD's hit counters are always bad, it's to be expected. Having said that, I greatly prefer black ops to MW2. Has a much better feel to it I think.

MW1 > Black Ops > MW2 IMO.

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frostypants2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Hit counters are something that CoD has always been bad with. They've programmed it so in a one-on-one firefight, only one person can die...i.e., no mutual gunshot kills (see: Halo). While this is **sort of** logical in terms of realism, if people are given zero control over what server they play on (360 and PS3 versions), and worse are given no true indicator of lag before the game has already started, then it's only fair that the playing field be leveled.

That means if on my screen, I shoot first, but due to lag on your end, you think YOU shot first, then BOTH of us should get the kill/be killed, barring extremely unreasonable lag on your end.

In a game where player's lag appears (based on feel alone, because they give us no other means of knowing) to be anywhere from 80ms to 500ms, that's the only fair way to approach it, unless they man up and give us a server list with pings to give us control over who's server we play on.

As it stands now, almost nobody has a positive Win-Loss ratio. I'll quit immediately if I have less than 4 bars. I don't care about the fake "Loss".

foss32987d ago

The more I hear people explain why CoD annoys them I remember another reason why I stopped playing it and moved to Battlefield Bad Company 2.

ian722988d ago

If MAG can have dedicated servers then COD:BO surely can. It would make online playing better and more equal.

frostypants2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

That costs money.

Now, I didn't like MAG. I actually returned it as the gun-play just wasn't my style. BUT the server support is great. Warhawk is the same way. You're right, the experience is SSSOOO much better. Lag becomes a trivial nuisance that is rarely noticed, rather than a significant variable one has to account for.

Sony does a fantastic job with server support for their exclusive online-focused games. In a perfect world, all publishers would pony up for dedicated servers, but hey, that costs money.

For peer-hosted games, I like Halo's logic: if lag results in both players thinking they shot first in a shootout, both players die. It's only fair IMO.

DaddyPoppa2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

black ops on its best map nuketown......

SpinalRemains1382987d ago

you mean worst map.

I will never understand why so many ppl enjoy a map the size of a yard. Its so fucking stupid to play like that.

Spawn, 3 steps, shoot or die.

36T2987d ago

You suck hard spinal. That's the reason why you don't like the map.

-SIXAXIS-2987d ago

Come on, cut him some slack. Without guys like him, we couldn't get the awesome KDs we have.

TheLastGuardian2987d ago

Awww Damnit, I was just having a blast playing keyboards In Rock Band 3 and then this article reminds me of my Black Ops addiction. Come on, Ice Cube. Let's go play Domination!

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csimpson2988d ago

I'm enjoying the campaign so far, but graphics are definitely below MW2 standards. The close-ups of character models are especially dodgy. Ah well, I suppose graphics aren't everything.

RememberThe3572988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

But the graphics did mess with the immersion. I just kept noticing how bad it looked. There were moments where I thought the game looked great and others where I felt like it looked like garbage and it just started messing with me.

kparks2988d ago

NOOB TOWN looks like it dont even belong in the game the map blows anyway!!

frostypants2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

The graphics in the cut scenes are actually VERY good. The scene where the Russian guy is telling you his story of what happened on that Nazi ship, where the rain is falling on his face, is excellent.

But no, it doesn't extend to the gameplay itself, sadly.

Bonerboy2988d ago

Too bad this game is getting so nit-picked. Sure there are some annoying tech issues. People fail to consider that when you have MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of players foraging through ANY game, its inevitable that a bunch of glitches will show up, servers are going to fry and so on.

Kids just have to have their candy right now, and it better taste just right, and when it falls on the linty carpet they have a big tantrum. Eventually mommy(Treyarch) will wash off some of the fluff for them. Patches are undoubtedly in the works... gamers are the worst for lacking patience. Quit Whining and Chill out.

gaden_malak2988d ago

I'm enjoying the game quite a lot. Both online and offline.

I suck at Zombie mode, but multiplayer i'm doing well and I don't care if there is no skill involved, as some people have said (not that it really means anything. Skill in a video game?) I'm getting kills and getting up there in the rankings and that is what I paid for.

The_Zeitgeist2988d ago

Well said dude. I love when people will be all you suck you died 15 times and only got 10 kills. And then it's like yeah dude, I also had 7 captures.

Ducky2988d ago

Its why it's best to never release a heavily anticipated game so as to avoid the inevitable crying.
I think 3D-realms was the only developer wise enough to realize this truth.

ReservoirDog3162988d ago

Haha +bubbles

But people need to stop crying. A patch will fix everything. How can people be this impatient?

RememberThe3572988d ago

You honestly think that one patch is going to fix everything? Beyond the technical issues, this game has basic quality issues. A patch isn't going to fix it. At least they support their game, though. I'll give them that.

Ace Killa 082988d ago

its a start no?

nothing is patched at first but fixes are coming better than nothing

Motion2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I honestly find this comment a little sad.

I remember a time when games were released fully functional, and you didn't have to wait a month for a patch to play them as intended.

ReservoirDog3162988d ago

I will give you that. I hate that about this gen. But that's just how it is.

But singleplayer patches are worse than online.

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NBT912988d ago

Your suggesting that it's ok if a game is not great if they fix it at some point? You might be a big pushover in real life, but I would like to think that if i'm buying a game for £40+ it'd better be really good, if it's not then of course i'm not going to be happy with it.

SpinalRemains1382987d ago

Exactly! Or even if the game is bad or you dont like it; it dam well better function properly. We aren't discussing whether or not the game is good. We are discussing the game not running properly.

There are bad games, and there are broken games. Black ops is for sure the latter. No one gets on devs for making a game that isn't fun. If the game works as intended and you don't care for it, you move on. When a game is broken and runs like shit on 2 platforms, it's a giant problem. I feel like Treyarch and Activision stole from me.

It's actually Activision's fault more than Treyarch's. While Treyacrh made the game, Activion approved the product and release. How the fuck is that possible with all these issues? Doesn't anyone besides SONY give a crap about quality control anymore? Corporations are just manufacturing and selling junk nowadays.

PotatoClock2988d ago

This stupid "release a new COD every year in November, just in time for christmas" is the problem. Its ironic how COD is the biggest game around and yet it gets released with alot of glitches and bugs, and its all very avoidable by Treyarch actually slapping Koticks greedy ugly face and saying, no, we want to release a quality, finished product. Not another unperfected COD to wipe your slimey ass with the millions of dollars from pre-orders.

Sure you can argue that all games have bugs, but I think with the amount of money they make off COD and the cost of it its ridiculous that you don't get a quality product right off the shelf.

badz1492988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

how much a sucker could you be?

"People fail to consider that when you have MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of players foraging through ANY game, its inevitable that a bunch of glitches will show up, servers are going to fry and so on."

and you really think that it's justified that gamers who pay for the game are the ones that have to do the beta testing that Kotick & Co. purposely didn't do during development?? they know the game will sell millions regardless but not willing to spend money on servers?? and is it okay with you that you are buying an unfinished product and willingly waiting for patches to fix what shouldn't be there in the first place?? I don't know how big a fan are you of CoD but that is just dumb!

RedDragan2988d ago

Here here!!!

Bonerboy appears to be a COD fanboy. It doesn't matter how bad the game really is, he probably will never admit to it.

The facts are that COD sucks. The storyline is ****. The gameplay is awful. The graphics are last gen. The online is woeful. And the maps took about 3 hours to make.

I starting giving COD a wide berth when I heard what Modern Warfare 2 was going to be like. To this day nothing has come up to prove I was wrong, the COD series just seems to get worse and worse with each passing expansion... because let's honest, that is all they are. Expansions.

And I bet the DLC will be 4 maps, 2 guns and £17.99!!!!

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MGRogue20172988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

It's mostly just the PC gamers that are whining..

Can't blame 'em though.. I'd be doing the same thing if I owned Black Ops on PC. :)

Ducky2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Its mostly the steam forums.
... and considering how they whine over free updates from valve (feel free to visit the TF2 or L4D forums), you can expect quite a storm when they realize how other developpers handle things.

multipayer2988d ago

I was only interested from their announcement of modding tools... What a load of shit that was, I'm not getting suckered into $15 map packs for a game that hasn't changed since call of duty 2.

Killjoy30002988d ago

But you must be a complete fool if you don't think that there was a huge leap from CoD2 to Modern Warfare 1.

RedDragan2988d ago


There was hardly any progress made from COD2 and Black Ops. There was an injection of graphics at Modern Warfare but everything else was pretty much identical. And the only difference between Modern Warfare and Black Ops is the graphic levels going down and game killing bugs being introduced.

Face it, COD sucks.

Fossil162988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

MW2 was way worse, the one main fact that wasn't written in this article was how there is such a hate-on for Treyarch.

Saying that, I think they did an awesome job, and regardless of the glitches and some malfunctions, that seem to plague every game that is coming out, they have been the one company that has been updating and fixing the problems along the way. They have been doing this since WAW, why because they listen to the gamers, thats a quality some seem to lose once the sales have happened.

I still enjoy this game 100%. I have my set of problems but not to the point where I have second guessed my decision of purchasing this game.

I LOVE the zombie mode, and I really do enjoy the story line, and of course the traditional COD style MP.

KimoNoir2988d ago

bullshit, MW2 was better than this piece of shit

darkknight09962988d ago

Sorry I have to disagree with you on that, MW2 had the worst problem that a MP can suffer from it was and counties to be unbalanced.

vickers5002988d ago

Sure... if you're a 13 year old with attention deficit disorder (ADD for you morons who don't know what that means).