Nintendo confirms free online play for Wii!

In an interview with USA Today, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that its online service for its upcoming system will be free, no strings attached

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BIadestarX5383d ago

Here we go again! Free online play for Wii!
How about showing what it looks like, and how it works! I guess Nintendo and Sony will spend the next few months just saying "free online play" and not show anything. Show something already!

wakkiwakko5383d ago

Exactly when are they supposed to show anything? Germany? Tokyo? Or hold a private press conference for everyone in the world to see how the wii-online or SonyOnline work. That costs money.

Microsoft didn't show a thing about xbl when it was announced. Wait for the release of the consoles then say something. There are two important trade shows ahead.

Shadow Flare5383d ago

So PC's are free to play online
The Wii is free to play online
PS3 is free to play online

Why are 360 gamers happy with paying for the online?

Sorry bub, we get it for free

TheMART5383d ago

Wait untill you see what you get.

Sony said the same for PS2 and well we all did see what free online gaming was meaning...


because it didn't work

So I'll just say: who is going to pay then if consumers aren't? Someone has to

Shadow Flare5383d ago

PC gaming is free
Say something about that, please

And yeah, the ps2 online is crap. The xbox online is good.

Sony isn't exactly known for their networking talents. Microsoft IS. So would you expect anything less from microsoft to make a good online system, and sony to make a mediocre online system?

The difference is, now sony has a network system to base the new ps3 online system on. Xbox Live.

So dont expect the ps3 online to be the same as ps2 online.

And yes, the ps3 online is free. Its the downloadable content you pay for.

xbox's 360's main selling point is not going to be unique anymore

BURLY5383d ago

"Free" might be their way of saying that they just can't complete with Xbox Live and so really there is no way they can charge for it.

Same thing with Sony. As far as I can tell "free" means that they are leaving a lot of development up to the individual developers and that they will not have a unified service perse - just a bunch on plug-ins in their operation system. If this is the case; then the online for the PS3 will completely suck! Not to mention the fact that most developers will not spend the extra time and effort to simulate what Microsoft has already provided them (for free) on the 360. This would mean that Sony's online isn't really free because as a business model - it would still pass on the development costs to the consumers - both in terms of monetary cost and reduced developer support.

The Map packs alone have already made Activision over a million dollars on Live Marketplace. So when you take everything into account; Microsofts business model may still be far and away the best with a superior feature set in and better developer support in Xbox Live's unified service = better / more games = bigger install base = better / more games = ...

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