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Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation
In the latest installment of the Bond franchise, 007 finds himself in a strangely satisfying niche smack dab between Bruce Wayne and Dirk the Daring.

Welcome to the second article in the Month of Bond. Keep an eye out as the month winds down for a more in-depth comparison of Goldeneye to the original, as well as a Blood Stone vs. Goldeneye article: Which game comes out on top?

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BakedGoods2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

This is what people don't get about gaming: sometimes it doesn't need to 'innovate' to 'invigorate'.

The Bond franchise lends itself to incredible action pieces, story and overall entertainment--perfect for a video game. I don't need fancy game design or new features. Just some solid Bond-esque action, which Blood Stone seems to deliver. The author mentions much of the game holds your hand--but that's whats needed for a theatrical presentation. A Bond game wouldn't be 'Bond' without it.

I for one look forwarded to playing through Blood Stone. Forget the critics.

Quagmire2991d ago

People are to quick to judge games for what they're not, rather than what they are.

Am I expecting a AAA title with lots of replay value, amazing graphics, intriguing storyline and epicness surpassing GOW3? No, and neither should anyone else. I want a Bond title, and thats what is being delivered, so why should we expect anything different?

Look at the movies. Sure theyre not Inception, but that's not why people watch it. They watch it for the awesome action, kick ass fighting, fast cars, hot babes, and a simple yet content storyline to hold it all together.

JimmyJames702992d ago

I thought this review was overall positive and now I'm looking forward to playing this game.

kube002991d ago

Driving and Bond? I'm sold

RyanDJ2991d ago

The driving sections were some of the most QTE-ish, you have to be spot-on to get through some. But just as I said, it's a solid satisfaction when you get it right. Totally awesome.

JimmyJames702991d ago

I just hope it's better than Quantum of Solace, which was pretty bad and lacked driving and the poker scene. Or am I thinking of Casino Royale. Or did that last Bond game mix the two movies together? I can't remember. I just remember the last Bond game being kind of a mess.