Sony To Release Gran Turismo 5 But It Wont Be Cheap In OZ

Despite parity with the US dollar Australians are expected to pay significantly more than gamers in the USA where the game's standard edition has been priced at $59.99.

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Mr Exclusive2984d ago

Dude it's the same shit with MS and Nintendo games, Nintendo are the worst, they never have platinum hits.

Bloody 98bucks for Zelda at EBGames or 118bucks for Reach.

Sure you can get the games cheaper if you shop around, but i think the article is looking for hits while singling out Sony and GT5.

Ilikegames762984d ago

it's the same for all games and console and basically everything else. Blame the taxes for that.

Red_Orange_Juice2984d ago

Imagine what would happen if Americans had to pay equivalent of Australian or European prices

evrfighter2984d ago

"Imagine what would happen if Americans had to pay equivalent of Australian or European prices "

not much to imagine. Games would sell poorly if that were the case.

SkylineR2984d ago

And that's why the sell poorly here in Oz. As an example, the Wii just recently sold 2 million units. And that's BIG over here...
Can't remember if any games have sold over 1mil.

And what did that article try to tell us? It talked about nothing it was meant to. We got prices for the US version of the game...

Cyrax_872984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Harvey Norman are selling it brand new for $77. That's incredibly cheap here in Oz, 99% of new games cost $100 - $110 at Eb/Game ect.

edit: @ shikamaroooo, you're somewhat right, our minimum wage is actually abit more then the Americans.

PirosThe4th2984d ago

import best option at the moment since the aussie dollar is higher now ... xD

gaden_malak2984d ago

Game arent too bad. EBGames i will never go into. They're a/holes.

Big W and JB are the best.

SkylineR2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Beware importing games. Undoubtedly GT5 will have DLC, and if you happen to buy a region free version from asia or the US, the DLC we get won't be compatible with it. I had the misfortune of finding that out when I got a US copy of Heavy Rain...

Dark_king2983d ago

as long as they buy the EU version they want need to worry about DLC region lock.

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shoddy2984d ago

damn there is always doom articles trying to downgrade Sony qualty.
nice try.

bluray dooms
ps3 dooms
move doom
3d doom
GT5 doom
ps3 multiplat doom

razielsonofkain2983d ago

thats alot of doom and not enough Cyber-demons

MajestieBeast2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

All games are that expensive its not like sony just hiked up the price like activision did with MW2.

@Mr Exclusive
I agree i mean im looking at some stores to buy SMG1 its still 42 euro's for a 3.5 year old game. Meanwhile uncharted 2 platinum is only 29.99. Also why does Nintendo think anyone with a half a brain would buy mario allstars for 32.99. Just let me download it off the wiistore or package it with new super mario bros wii like they did with the zelda collection and double dash.

Immortal Kaim2984d ago

If anyone wants cheap games in Aus (don't we all), then buy from this online store called ozgameshop.

For those interested they have GT5 for $65

BatClarkeee2984d ago

are you 100% positive that they only sell Australian copies of games ?

BatClarkeee2984d ago

are you 100% positive that they only sell australian copies of games though ?

Dark_king2983d ago

OZ and EU copies are the same region.

morkendo232984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I wont be buying it neither hotpursuit... i'll wait for something better to come out. sorry guys im just not into the likes of GT5 now... all these delays still a GT fan.

Cyrax_872984d ago

^lol what delays? it's been delayed once in Aus, and only for 20 days!

Theodore872984d ago

@morkendo23: They why are you here?

Mizz_mai2984d ago

it is a shame...really im in the and the highest we pay for release's is £44.99,I truly respect every dedicated gamer who spends $60.00 on each game i buy my boyfriend his games and that $60.00 price tag would be a real test of our

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shikamaroooo2984d ago

lol its because PPl in the USA get paid shit

SMW2984d ago

Meh. You cant expect much from a country that actually debates whether or not to teach the widely accepted concept of evolution...

Bathyj2984d ago


They cant get their heads around the metric system, how are they going to learn evolution?

Bereaver2984d ago

Now Bathy, I'm American. Don't blame us all lol.


Well that's totally off-topic and uncalled for... But I totally agree with you. That's the prime example of a country that don't take education seriously. Like if permitting personal faith get in the way and force into what should be teaching science wasn't proof enough I'll point you guys into some stats...

By now USA is 4th on standard HDI rank (UN's human development index), up from 9th in last year report, not an small improvement. However the more serious modified HDI rank, which factors in the inequalities, get US down from 8th last year to 12th this same year.

Many could say, yeah they get paid shit, like shikamroooo said, but the biggest inequality isn't GDP per-capita, this one actually improved all around and pushed USA up in the standard rank since last year the economy crisis scars were still wounds for many, but education inequality was now bigger and not because some schools improved while other stayed the same, but because it's considered that public schools in USA got worse in this year, compared to 2009, after the public investiment in education was smaller than last year.

PirateThom2984d ago

I definitely feel for Australian gamers, I mean even their standard edition of GT5 is like £20-30 more expensive than it is here.

Funny enough, the price difference seems to carry over between versions, ironically, making the Signature the best deal in comparison to the UK edition.

stonecold32984d ago

im australian and im used to paying these prices for my games man im going to pay my copy of gt5 off early next monday but im staring to look overseas as i dont like spending big dollard on multi plat games they arent worth it to me i got enslaved and got it off ebay and saved 55 dollars which wasnt bad i wasnt going to play a down water game

PirosThe4th2984d ago

the worst thing is when u actually buy a game like... FFXIII... when you pay 100 dollars for something that bad its just sad...

But with GT5 I would be willing to pay that much because the game is totally worth that amount.


Now you nailed it. Those are about the same price we see here in Brazil for games, the problem isn't simply how much those games cost but that not all games are worthy it.

Like, it's holiday season, there is a ton of games launching all around, many of which I would buy if I have some money to spare (and I'll probably will) but over 100 US$ for an average game is too much, and games simply takes to long to get lower pricetags and, even when they do, most of them aren't much considerable decrease.

I'm on the very same cliffhanger moment about Enslaved (plus Vanquish and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) as I want to play those games, but really don't know if it's worth 200R$ (that's equivalent to 117US$ considering today's exchange rate).

And different from AU, our import taxes make it almost prohibitive to buy overseas.

Next_Up2984d ago

Yeah it's the same for every multiplat game here also. The prices down here in Ausland are extremely ridiculous. Nothing beats importing but for a game like GT5, i just gotta get it day 1.

Close_Second2984d ago

It won't put me off getting it but it will now have to wait for Xmas and not before.

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