X-Men Arcade Rated by ESRB, Coming To PSN Soon?

Announced during October’s New York Comic Con, Marvel revealed that Konami’s arcade classic X-Men would be coming to the PSN and XBL “soon”. Since then, little has been shown heard of the game, other than a trailer and screens; with many believing the game may have slipped into 2011. But with the game recently being rated by the ESRB, things are looking up for X-Men fans.

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NJShadow2985d ago

Can't wait! I used to LOVE playing this at Chuck E. Cheeses with my Dad when I was little! =D

doctorstrange2985d ago

This brings back some memories, cant wait to play it

Nitrowolf22985d ago

lol chuck E. Cheeses
Brings a lot of good mem.
The Simpson game
Starwars game
Jurassic park game