Express Links London Student Riots To GTA

The Sunday Express have attempted to make a tenuous link between the violence at this week's London student protests and Grand Theft Auto.

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Cajun Chicken3998d ago

...Or it could be the fact in such a high rate of national unemployment people out of college can't get higher education to get higher paid jobs because they've heightened the price to get into uni.
Yeah, could be that.

Someone should be fired from the Sunday Express for this stupidity.

walker013997d ago

Uni prices atm are still very affordable especially since everybody is entitled to a student loan to cover at least their tuition fee and some for maintenance.

LastDance3997d ago

people would play GTA, and then riot. Damn GTA.

worm20103997d ago

yeah gta is to blame. ban it then ban all video games, movies, tv, books, music, movies again pretty much anything anyone person in the world finds offensive.

SMW3997d ago

Yes.. A computer game is making people riot.

It has nothing to do with shit Governing?