First Look At Fight Night Champion

We Got This Covered writes: We now have the first trailer for EA's, M rated, Fight Night Champion, the next game in the famed Fight Night series. Check it out here.

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jack who2989d ago

use kinect and its day 1 for me

Shazz2989d ago

it would be great for kinect and move but i think it may be too fast paced for both of the motion controls tbh coz fn4 was super fast for crazy combos, hopefully they will support the motion controllers though

Lou-Cipher2989d ago

If we learned anything, its that fighting games wont work with current motion/camera tech. It just isn't there yet.

A fighting/punching game needs absolute accuracy with zero lag, and we all have seen how much lag Kinect has. Even Move isnt fast enough to detect a powerful/fast combo of punches.

Ju2989d ago

"Throw 25 punches in 15 seconds, landing more than 50% of them"

Silver trophy in Fights Light out. Move can handle it.

rockleex2989d ago

10 punches in 1 second.

You can NOT do that in Fight Night.

That's 1 punch per 100 milliseconds.

PS Move's response time is 22 milliseconds. MUCH less than what is required to throw 10 punches per second.

Then you gotta consider that you can't even throw 10 punches per second in Fight Night and it becomes obvious PS Move can definitely handle it.

Rage_S902989d ago

you must be smoking the good sh*t please try trowing 10 punches in 1 second no really please try it

Skullomania2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

10 punches in 1 second?? XD

dredgewalker2989d ago


I'm a little bit dubious on that one though Bruce Lee is said to done 7 punches in 1 second. I can't really say it can't be done cause I'm seeing a lot of things today that was impossible in the past.


The biggest problem with Kinect/Move versions would be legwork.

Fight Night is no arcadey punch out, it's almost a boxe simulator, standing still pushing the air wouldn't do it any good... For sure current motion tech can detect you leaning or maybe even sidestepping, but it wouldn't see if your are balanced while punching or not, so it can't know how strog is your shots, as well as it's not a good system for KOs, as the game could understand many moments as open to fall while you are actually well balanced or you can fall if hitted unbalanced but should not necessarily get knocked out if you hadn't been much hitted before.

In a simples way to say, it would take away the connected chain element that rule the boxe and that they so brilliantly implemented in the game.

For sure it's possible to make it for move using buttons to walk/dodge (and probably kinect too with some gesture based movement) but it would take away from the boxe feel I belive FN tends to persue.

PS: To the guy who said 10 punches in 1 second... A pro boxer, really fast, in training, can shot like 6 or 7 punches in a second, but most wouldn't try it in a fight as this is too much time open guarded. I say 4 or 5 punches per second tracking capacity is more than enough to what most of us, non-pro fighters, can do... Just remember it's supposed to track people trying to achieve 4 or 5 real punches in one second, with the correct leg and torso technique, not 10 nerdy hand flaps in the air in one second.

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MAJ0R2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

did you see the reviews for Fighters Uncaged?

it would be way better with Move, but even better with a regular fucking controller

jack who2989d ago

i love how you guys are disagreeing and using rushed game from an unknown your excuse i for one dont like using the controller to play fight night games but now we have other choice to play the game with.

TheHip142989d ago

I heard it's not using Kinect, which would suck

Quagmire2989d ago

That video was EPIC!

"He's a friggin ANIMAL!"

I love how theyre integrating a story into it reminscint of the rocky films. Looks seriously awesome. Im intrigued, and I loved FNR4.


INFECTED5032989d ago

You wouldn't want this to use Kinect! But M rated eh? Can't wait

NYC_Gamer2989d ago

i hope mayweather makes the list

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