Huge two weeks for gaming – the line up

M2G Writes:

Occasionally each year there comes a point when there are so many great games being released in the space of a few weeks that you wonder how you are going to afford them all, well get your wallets at the ready, because this is one of those times.

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Raendom2990d ago

Had no Idea Prince of Persia collection was coming this week. O_O

PS360fanboy2990d ago

Holy crap, two huge weeks! Some great games are gonna suffer though, too many good releases together and only one week away from Black Ops...
I hope they make their money in the long term though, almost all those games deserve it!

Shazz2990d ago

GT5 all day every day

DaBadGuy2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Oh crap I gotta pre-order GT5.

Why the crap did they announce the release date two weeks from said date?

Crappity crap crap there's still so much coming out this year.

EDIT: Also I'm picking up Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Need for Speed tuesday, and hopefully Tron Evolution and Epic Mickey turn out good.

acedoh2990d ago

you wait a week and it will be $35 on black Friday.

Mcardle2990d ago

This 4th quarter has been pretty massive for gaming.

Perjoss2990d ago

you mean like every other year in gaming for quite a few years now

Sackdude2990d ago

Is all i care, the rest are meh.....

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The story is too old to be commented.