Digital Spy: Kinectimals Review

Digital Spy: "Ever wondered what it would be like to wash up on a tropical island and train a number of infant wild cats? Neither had we until Kinect arrived on the scene, but that's the premise of Kinectimals in a nutshell. The latest game in the ever popular pet simulation genre is a far cry from the Tamagotchis of the mid-'90s, despite sharing the same fundamental gameplay elements such as feeding, cleaning and playing with the cute little blighters. Recent entries such as Nintendogs have attracted copious amounts of new, younger fans to the genre and one suspects that Microsoft has been dying to tap into this market for quite some time. With the launch of Kinect, Microsoft now has that opportunity and has taken it with both paws, despite a few problems with the Kinect sensor."

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gravemaker2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

3/5? Lol, it's 4 minimum

ComboBreaker2985d ago

That's pretty low for a supposely revolutionary tech.