Digital Spy: Kinect Joy Ride Review

Digital Spy: "Kinect Joy Ride has gone through some fairly radical changes since it was first announced in 2009. Formerly known simply as Joyride, it was originally planned to be released as a free Xbox Live Arcade title, which was to make its money by charging players for new courses, items and game modes. Despite retaining its Avatar-driven, stunt-based gameplay, it is now a fully fledged (and priced) retail title, featuring controller-free Kinect support. As intriguing as a hands-free racer sounds, it's hard to imagine how the developers can faithfully recreate the racing experience without over-simplifying matters. Unfortunately, such fears are justified, and Kinect Joy Ride is just a little too basic and temperamental to rival its traditional controller reliant counterparts."

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mushroomwig2986d ago

Memo to self: Never buy launch title games for a console add-on.

It seems like both Move and Kinect launch titles aren't scoring very well.

ComboBreaker2985d ago

Kinect's downfall is all on Microsoft. Leave Move out of this.

On contra, Move titles are scoring pretty well.
The only bad one is The Fight. However, even serious gamers are finding out that The Fight is actuall better than reviewers thought.