Call of Duty: Black Ops -- RCXD Glitches Plague the Game

Ever since the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, MANY people have been reporting issues of lag, can't connect to servers, can't string together 2 games in a row without getting booted etc. However, there have also been many bugs with the RCXD killstreak. Here are a couple clips of what they are talking about. This game has been plagued with bugs and glitches (albeit minor ones) which is starting to shift the opinion of this game of others.

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sloth33952985d ago

why not add the videos on here so we dont have to join that site just to see them

rdgneoz32985d ago

I saw the video fine and I didn't have to join the site, just followed the link.

As for the video, good thing there are no bugs at all in the game so they didn't need a beta to find them...

rajman2985d ago

I think he meant why not embed that Youtube video here instead of us having to click on that site link

Innervision2985d ago

Not from the website, but it's one that happened to me. I assume that some of the videos are somewhat like this.

MajestieBeast2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I actually smiled death to the evil RC cars! I was already fearing a mayor glitch that lets the rc car go stealth or some shit so im actually happy its just this, seeing as i dont use rc car, spy plane ftw.

Digitaldude2985d ago


Masterchef20072985d ago

They did a crap job with the game period. Yet sadly it sells sales is not equal to quality

ZombieAssassin2985d ago

I swear the whole point of the rc is just so your heart starts beating when you hear it, I hate the thing...but it's o so wonderful to use on people.

MajestieBeast2985d ago

You are the reason these cars haunt my dreams!

The_Claw2985d ago

this is the least of this game's problems. deciding to stick with crummy p2p networking will be the games downfall. i cant tell you how many times ill knife a guy first only to have him knife me, but on the killcam we both knife thin air..

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