Gran Turismo 5 gets new screens featuring Ferrari 458 Italia

Sony has released a new couple of screenshots from Gran Turismo 5.

The racer, which was given a final release date on Friday, will be avalaible exclusively for PS3.

Check out the new screens!


The Screens are from the Photo Mode, they weren't released by Sony

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Hidalgo2988d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is aiming for best racing game ever. Also tops PS3 graphics to date.

wat6342988d ago

Until a pc game like it comes out.

PirateThom2988d ago

Still waiting on that to happen.

Hidalgo2988d ago

"to aim for the best racing game ever" is not same as "to be the best racing game" ever ;)

And yet, you're wrong too :p

XI_-Minty-_IX2988d ago

Surprised you didn't say a 360 game, but we both know that'll never happen. :-P

Moentjers2988d ago

so as the 360 has been proven 'passé', you are now refering to the pc to troll on the ps3.

Nariko-20112988d ago

92 metacritic, highest rated racing game this game...oh yeah, very passe

ExplosionSauce2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Not to flame or anything, but I'm pretty sure Gran Turismo has scored higher than "92" in more than one occasion (with the exclusion of GTHD, Prologue and Portable, since Metacritic counts that too).

I guess it's just because:

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Sunny_D2988d ago

The website is wrong. Sony DID NOT release these images. It was a guy who has an early copy of GT5. He used Photomode and my god I can't wait to make my own photos! GORGEOUS!

poindat2988d ago

I'm totally amazed of what stunning shots the photo mode is capable of. Combined with ease of use so anyone can take such gorgeous shots and.... wow, it's really something.

GT5: The Real Car Porn Simulator

bigmacmuncher2988d ago

On the first pic, is that red hot brakes i see? Holy shait. You just made and destroyed my day.

STONEY42988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

More yummyness for you guys!

That Nissan is a standard car. Not as terribad as I thought it would look, the lighting more than makes up for it. Still looks nowhere near the premiums though.

And fun fact: Standard cars can only be bought at the used car lot. The ones at the normal dealers are all premiums.

Photo Travel.

^^ Top Gear intro.

Aaaand lastly, standard car race. Enjoy guys.

Theodore872988d ago

I'm not a sim racing fan and didn't plan to buy this but dang! I think I'm getting this to put on my PS3 and make my non-gamer friends gagging over this lol. Who knows? I might learn to love this genre.

RBdrift2988d ago

Gran Turismo is the sole reason I have an appreciation for all automobiles,and that's why I also feel many car enthusiast have a very close relationship with the franchise.So be aware If you start becoming a car enthusiast yourself.

Steve_02988d ago

Give it a try. Unfortunately, it's not the most accessible game in the world, but it is deeply rewarding. And you do get the sense that the guys who've made this are car enthusiasts first and foremost. If you can try it with a wheel, do. It's a night and day difference.

iPad2988d ago

It looks so REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunny's right, a user on GTplanet posted these screens from GT5's Photo mode. I was goign through that forum when he was posting the images.

B_Rian892988d ago

Holy F****** S***. We can make screens like these?

RedDead2988d ago

Only a few devs hae bothered to give you this king of options, I am thankful to them, Bungie, PD and Treyarc(the F, I wasn't expecting it from an Activision product)

fishd2988d ago

In photomode you can take pics with 18 Megapixel resolution

fishd2988d ago

Yeah,18 MP

Gran Turismo 5 :The Real Wallpaper Generator

Dee_912988d ago

my custom supra on late evening.rainy weather on nurburgring will be my wallpaer :0

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MGRogue20172988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Gorgeous graphics

I can see myself taking literally thousands of pics in-game of all the different cars in lots of beautiful locales.. And there are over 1000 of 'em! :O

Masterchef20072988d ago

wow pics look incredible. Trees could be a bit better but everything else is spot one. It will be incredible seeing what a Mustang GT looks like in Gran Turismo god how i love that car

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