Kotick: IW Shouldn't Suffer For "Bad Actions Of A Couple Of Guys"

The Activision vs. Infinity Ward drama kept the gaming press busy with studio heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, and quite a number of employees jumping ship to form Respawn. Treyarch up to this point was seen as second in line as far as responsibility for the Call of Duty series, but stepped up to the plate for Black Ops, a game that has gotten solid reviews across the board. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick comments on the Infinity Ward losses and Treyarch's role in the company.

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Merivigian2987d ago

Cause your the one who didn't give them the bonuses that were promised, Mr. Kotick. If you would have kept your word there would be no need for passing the blame, shame on you.

rroded2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

they lost most of their talent when you ripped em off n fired the bosses instead of paying out the bonus you owed..

Sure a few stayed for some of that money you stole n you kept the name for milking... But the heart and soul of IW is at Respawn now.

ps hows them lawsuits coming since the most of the original IW that stayed is suing not ta mention the ones that left. Yeh i know you got money to tie up courts for ever but you'll still rot n hell.

Hope they lay waste on you mr kotic both in this court and the next.

Redrum0592987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

the industry is going into a shitfest cause of assholes like bobby kotick.

i hope you read this bobby
we dont like you

morganfell2987d ago

How about the bad actions of one guy?

evrfighter2987d ago

Kotick: IW Shouldn't Suffer For "Bad Actions Of A Couple Of Guys"

I agree

yet they suffered for the bad actions of ONE guy. Kotick's just too much of an asshole to realize that.

SkyGamer2987d ago

I know that this post isn't going to garner a lot of positive attention. When you are in business, you have to have everyting in WRITING. IF you don't, then you can't expect anything as that is how business works. You can't take someone's word for it as that is no longer any good. So let's say you take a loan from the bank and they just say that "well sir, you have talent so there are no reason why you should sign this contract. Just pay us back when you can, we take your word for it."

Now if they had it in writing, that would be a different story. If the two were trying to renogotiate and they lossed, I am sorry but it is their problem. Let's talk about insubordination as well. I am not condoning any actions on any side but this is business and you seem to take it as Bobby kicked your puppy or something. You either make it in the business world or you don't. If I talked out of line and made my boss look bad, I would get fired and I am sure everyone of you would as well. How is it different from them to us?

Lou-Cipher2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yeah, and gamers shouldn't suffer because of a greedy, shortcut taking CEO.

radphil2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )


It's true that they went against the contract.

It doesn't help that's he's flaunting around them afterwards. There's a cause and effect people. There's a reason why they went against the contract in the first place.

This guy isn't godly in his business practices, and when you have one of your most talented studios break away, that's a red flag out there.

morganfell2987d ago

What if they weren't doing anything wrong? If past actions are any indication, there is only one person in this entire affair that has the appearance on legal impropriety. Not to mention moral reprehension.

Kotick fails to realize you have to protect your company in a legal AND moral fashion. A moral manner means being honest and dealing fairly with employees. That is the best insurance against people jumping ship. He doesn't get that fact at all. He needs to look at Governor Tarkin very closely.

bakasora2986d ago

Kotick: IW Shouldn't Suffer For "Bad Actions Of A Couple Of Guys", if not they can shake more money from the COD money tree.

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Hoje03082987d ago

Kotick can suck my balls.

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KingZFlipper2987d ago

This man should really STFU. I don't care if he says something positive or negative, he should shut his mouth

F' Kodick

wat6342987d ago

Its not his fault a lot of people left, and kotick is telling the truth.

Redrum0592987d ago

typical of you to say that.
but im sure you are used to milked franchises

R2D22987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

That smile just makes me want to choke a kitten.

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