Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii to 360/PS3 comparison - part 2

GoNintendo: Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii to 360/PS3 comparison - part 2

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Star-Scream2986d ago

Why compare the two?

We all know which version is better of the two, comparing them just makes the wii look bad

Zeevious2985d ago

If anything I have more respect for the Wii dev team.
That's an impressive accomplishment.

It looks much better than I ever expected a Wii action title like this to look.

Congratulations to Treyarch & Activision!

phinch2986d ago

Because it's interesting, and I don't think it made the Wii "look bad" in fact if anything I think it gave me a bit of respect for the Wii version, not saying it looked great but until i saw this video I would have assumed the Wii version to be worse than this

matey2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

i think the wii version looked identical in some places and considering its not the version that gets the most attention it proves the wii has the balls to do a full on big budget game if they switched there resourses to wii and gave it the full treatment the wii version would have been identical so all im saying is wii has better graphics than this goldeneye wii has better production values and graphics on a whole than black ops wii and comes close to 360 version if u ask me i think the wii can easy do the same graphics as 360 devs/pubs just invested too much money in 360 early on and thats what makes 360 games look good not just the hardware before all these big game engines the 360 had poor graphics it took major investment to get the 360 where it is the wii has been the most underused console this gen Eurocoms/Warren spectors words