Call of Duty Black Ops Second Opinion

Call of Duty Black Ops is undoubtedly the biggest gaming release of 2010 - bringing in over $360 million in its first day. We felt it'd be a good idea to get another take on this mammoth release. After almost a week of being on shop shelves does it still feel as good as it did on day 1?

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Sparticus_12991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

First!! This game is overblown..broken..and is the same ole rehashed game CoD always is...they fell short on this one and took a step backwards...its trash...its like a visible fart.

lucifon2991d ago

Each to their own, but personally I disagree. Playing the 360 version i've had a couple of bugs but nothing major what so ever. I still enjoy the CoD Gameplay so theres nothing wrong there for me.

scar202991d ago

Play the ps3 version and then tell me if you still like it.

sloth33952991d ago

I have the PS3 version and i havent had any trouble with it

-Alpha2991d ago

Do you have the game for PS3, scar?

The problems are overblown for the consoles. Yes, there are issues, but the most vocal are the ones experiencing frustration, not the ones enjoying it.

This game is much better than MW2 in every way save for graphics.

velocitygamer2991d ago

And I've experienced no problems, except for the claymores, which can get a bit annoying at times.

-Alpha2991d ago

Love claymores in this game. They go off instantly so say goodbye to lightweight rushers in S&D.

Trade either lightweight or marathin for either Flak Jacket or Hacker to get over Claymores

Ducky2991d ago

I'll agree that it is overblown and has a few technical issues making it broken... but a 'rehash'?
They added in new game-modes, a new unlock system, while introducing new weapons, while still retaining the core gameplay fans love. (in Multiplayer)
...and they gave the single-player a decent storyline (arguable the best in the series... but opinions can differ)

That's how a series work, is it not?

HDgamer2990d ago

Got the ps3 version and I don't see any problems honestly. This game sh1ts all on mw2.

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sloth33952991d ago

my only problem with the game is the AI of your team mates in the single player mode besides that its a good game

jjank112991d ago

This game may not have all the hacks and glitches as MW2 but it feels just as stupidly broken as MW2. First off the P2P lag, which is standard in CoD games continues from MW2 and is possibly even worse. I find just as much noob tubing, claymore planting and drop shooting as MW2, as well as non objective playing A$$wipes (who just use those modes to boost their score). Also, I find it a complete travesty that I have to reach a certain level to play a certain mode. That shit should be open to begin with. I can't stand the regular modes. I am HC mode player for many reasons, and I'm quite dissappointed I have to go through the other modes!

As for the SP, CoD fanboys may get excited but it wasn't anything special, IMHO!

scar202991d ago

Hey man if you see people boosting just report them.

lucifon2991d ago

I've been noob tubed like twice within around 10 hours or so of play. Barely anyone uses it anymore! The main reason was because it was the first thing you unlocked for your gun in previous CoD titles so you may aswell add it. I do hate claymores, but drop shooting hasnt been a major issue for me - happens but i'm generally okay with dealing with it.

Best experience is playing with friends. When you have a group of buddies who'll all work together and play properly it's a blast.

-Alpha2991d ago

I disagree, lag is manageable for me and it should iron out over time. Drop shooting is less common because it is slower to do, and noobtubes are purposeless when using flak jacket (which you ought to do if you are getting noob tubed).

The game seems to have balances for every sort of thing and its a matter of adapting to the other players. What's wrong with claymore planting? Again, use Flak Jacket or Hacker to see them

jjank112990d ago

Yea, but it is quite annoying to always have to change my classes up just for that and many times you'll play a match and those players will leave, so you are left to play against people who play another style. You never really know what you are getting into. Anyhow, i'll try your suggestion. I do have to say that Drop Shooting is just as prevalent in the games i have played in and top that off with the stupid range that you can lunge with a knife. It aggravates me. I adjust to the gameplay but it doesn't decrease my aggravation one bit. These things should have been changed or nerfed.

But the lag is manageable but not acceptable!! We as gamers should not expect it to be like this and why can't Activision/Treyarch afford servers?!? They make boat loads of money off this game. They could easily have servers for like 10 months or something.

I agree it is very well balanced, in comparison to other CoD titles.

Motorola2991d ago

If they removed noobtubes completely, itd be better

SuperSaiyan42991d ago

Hated the single player only played to get the acheivemants then traded it in, the zombies was dreadful.
The ONLY great thing about black ops was the mini game Dead Ops.

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