Black Ops Multiplayer: Is It Finally Time To Reload

Join We Got This Covered as they take an incredibly in-depth look at Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer. After examining every aspect and feature of it, the answer of whether Black Ops stands up to MW2's multiplayer is finally answered. Is MW2 still the king of online shooters, or is there a new champ in town?

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gameseveryday2990d ago

Wager Matches change everything

thegreatest78842990d ago

Next to CoD4, this is my favorite multiplayer game yet.

INFECTED5032990d ago

can't wait till they fix the match making issues. sometimes takes 20 mins to get into a game. Also with smaller parties one can get in a "map loop" chain. Played Domination on Nuketown about 10 times in a row last night! sure it was awesome and there is a voting system but a map you just played should not show up as an option for the next match

VersusEM2990d ago

I saw my friend playing this, looked pretty good.

TheHip142990d ago

Only glitches I've seen is people's mic's not working, haven't run into anything else

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