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tony67672990d ago

FKN AMAZINGGG!!! POSTER! movie idk have to wait and see

LordMarius2990d ago

wait wut?
I havent even heard of casting news or who is directing it, and its coming out next summer....

RedDragan2990d ago

They picked the wrong one to tbh...

Resistance or Killzone should have been the movie, but it is understandable because those would require mega budgets.

However I do hope Infamous proves to be a success and Sony then consider using the profits towards either Killzone or Resistance.

-Alpha2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Is this even real?

Gaming movies are like movie games-- they usually really suck.

I'm still cringing at the idea of Shadow of the Colossus turning into a movie.

A superhero movie is a little more traditional and sounds decent though

Blacktric2990d ago

Oh. My. God. I f*cking jizzed everywhere. It looks uber cool! Can't frigging wait!

HolyOrangeCows2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

"Is this even real?"

The URL [] directs me to
Make of that what you will, I suppose...

Omega Archetype2990d ago

Looks awesome! Hope the movies good though

-Alpha2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )


But according to the alt source, it is fan made (the poster I mean, not the movie). But thanks Apparently, this guy who started the thread created it

DORMIN2990d ago

Infamous would make a brilliant movie...

They just need the right people to make it happen

acedoh2990d ago

is exciting enough to make for a great movie. I could see this happening. Resistance would also make a good movie but I think the superhero/comic style is where the money is at. It would be interesting to see the casting for this.

CobraKai2990d ago

Real or not, this poster is BAD F*CKIN ASS!!!!

lociefer2990d ago

poster is awesome , but it screams fake all over

inveni02990d ago

Well, Sony does own (checked the whois on it), but they could have just reserved it. If we see inFamous: The Movie in 2011, it'll suck. I'd rather them take their time and release in 2012. And they should cast anyone as Cole but Vin Diesel.

Weaksauce11382990d ago

Fake. Poster doesnt appear before director, cast, or even writers. Its a decent piece of fan art though.

GrandTheftZamboni2990d ago

I heard they're casting Danny DeVito as Cole.

Jaces2990d ago

I haven't heard who's even directing it but if it's that douche Uwe Boll...forget it.

irepbtown2989d ago

Metal Gear Solid Movie?
That combines all 4 games and tells the story of Snake?

Now that would be a great film.

Zydake2989d ago

Hope they capture inFamous well not changing everything up. The most hilarious thing I'd imagine is if they get black guy with an afro as cole with fire powers.

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visualb2990d ago

and i like imdb quite a bit (no premium membership tho)

closest I found to the movie was this

sheldon turner doesn't have anything on it though...sooo

probably not real...=|

visualb2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

the movie has been confirmed to be a big possibility I just doubt the poster would be done so soon

+ looks kind of cheapish for a hollywood production poster.

not bad for fan made though =)

thesummerofgeorge2990d ago

I think it's a little early for a poster, but who knows... Generally movie posters aren't made before a script at least is done and some of the film has been shot, but who knows, maybe they've just been keeping production under tight wraps.

Armyntt2990d ago

Best the movie could hope for is like RE. Cool story but i see a bunch of cheap tv style special effects.

DigitalAnalog2990d ago

Please.... no.

-End statement

Coffin872990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

good sir.
Uncharted movie, inFamous movie, Halo movie, and I just read about a Shadow Of the Colossus movie!!!
Goddammit, am I the only one who thinks those are ALL BAD IDEAS?!?
Capitalism really pisses the fuck out of me.

naruto girl2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Video Game Movies Suck.doesn't make good video game movies for the same reason General Motors doesn't make motorized unicycles: they're stupid ideas, there's very little money in it and it they aren't very good at making their regular product to begin with.

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cyborg2990d ago

amazing, can't wait for the movie

mushroomwig2990d ago

Oh, I didn't even know there was going to be an Infamous movie!

Hopefully this won't be another bad movie based of a video game.

handheldwars2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Heyy bb!! hru? Long time no see!

lmao, just kidding.

OT: I sure hope that doesn't happen!

VersusEM2990d ago

Didn't even know about a movie, this could be the first good game to movie adaption. And this Sheldon Turner seems to have a good track record. Hell I already pumped for this move. HELL YESS!

mushroomwig2990d ago

I wonder how they're going to deal with the games biggest feature, the ability to be good or bad.

Personally I think a movie where two different perspectives are shown, one scene would involve Cole doing something good and the next scene would be shown from his evil point of view.

VersusEM2990d ago

nah, they'll probably do the whole film with him being good.

PirateThom2990d ago

Sadly, or, at best, anti-hero.

UnSelf2990d ago

whew, its a good thing ur not making the movie mushroom

VersusEM2990d ago

I know, if it where done Mushroom's way it'll end up like Memento but with a less better story.

mushroomwig2990d ago

What's wrong with that idea?!

Hellsvacancy2990d ago

GroundHog/inFamous? could work

walker012990d ago

itll be something like he does good and bad things throughout like you said but then at the end he will make one big decsion which would be either good or evil.
Think Spiderman where he has to choose between Mary Jane or the cable car full of children.

George Sears2990d ago

He'll probably be good throughout the whole movie but they can blackmail him at one point in time making him do reckless shit.

What a twist!

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