Two Worlds 'High Priority Patch' coming for Xbox 360

Forum user RegnorVex attended PAX '07 (Penny Arcade Expo 2007) in Seattle on Sunday, August 26, 2007 and specifically sought out the Producer for Two Worlds at the SouthPeak booth. He ran a few questions by the producer who explains that a "High Priority" patch is coming to the Xbox 360.

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Zhuk4069d ago

they should have cleaned up the framerate/connection issues before release as I am sure it would have improved people's feelings towards the game considerably

Bloodmask4069d ago

I give them credit for fixing it at all though. They must have felt the backlash after all of the horrible reviews.

If all of the framerate issues were cleaned up it would easily rank in the 7-8 rating IMO.

Zhuk4069d ago

yeah I am glad they're not leaving their customers high and dry without improving the game and I think the game would have probably received a lot more 7 and 8s too

InMyOpinion4068d ago

"He acknowledged the lag and framerate issues, and said it was being addressed as much as possible in the patch"

Nice, I really want to give this game a go.

BloodySinner4068d ago

If he knew about all these bugs, why didn't the developer patch them up before release? I'll pass on this title, unless I catch it under $25.

nirwanda4068d ago

they did meet the original deadline for the release so the publisher will have forced this out the door, shame really if all the problems where fixed including the dodgy voice acting this could have found it own market with it online multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.