If only these were made: Awesome Videogame Movie Posters

Gamersmint: Okay dear gamers, how about a Half Life movie? Good? What about one made in the world of Rapture? Fantastic? Okay, what’s your take on a movie following the adventures of a certain Sam Fisher? Awesome. Brillaint, you’ve come to the right place then, because this week’s Sunday special features some of the most brilliantly made videogame movie posters that you will ever lay your eyes upon.

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galgor2986d ago

God of War one's my favourite of the bunch for sure.

velocitygamer2986d ago

Too bad the movie might be rated 30+ because of it's awesomeness. Oh well, one can dream :)

psb2986d ago

love to see Bioshock and Alan Wake movie. With the right cast and director, those two can attain cult status as far as vg movies are concerned

cyborg2986d ago

the world of Rapture can provide an interesting setting no doubt and Alan Wake, man that's game meant to be made into a movie! I mean, with such a intense and gripping storyline, I can def see it working out. But considering how Max Payne turned out, I would rather not see it happen!

wdeath2986d ago

Looking at it again, my pick will be a Bioshock movie poster. awesome post once again.!

VersusEM2986d ago

eh, I really only like the GOW, and Splinter Cell posters

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The story is too old to be commented.