The Jailbreak Returns in the Form of PS Downgrade

From PlayStation LifeStyle: After the announcement of the PS Jailbreak, the homebrew modding scene exploded, as well as the threat of software piracy. PlayStation 3 Software Update Ver. 3.42 seemed to have solved this problem, but it may have been all for naught. Will it ever be stopped?

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NYC_Gamer2984d ago

Sony/MS will forever be playing cat&mouse with hackers

LordMarius2984d ago

whats with that pic? fishing for hits

Blaze9292984d ago

sure got my attention....


didnt notice the source. im surprised PSLS...smh

2984d ago
Thecraft19892984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

drkcharizard piracy was started on ps3 just before september All ps3 games can be booted up from usb HDD or ripped to users HD. Ps3 games are all over sites and have been uploaded to megaupload rapidshare ect and also torrents.

Sony attempted to stop this serval times with an update 3.42 and 3.50 and forcing games to need 3.42 update this did not work and hackers are now playing all newer games and have now got online access to a home brew store much like the wii has and they can now play games online.

DragonKnight2984d ago

Sorry to say this, but you don't know what you're talking about.

First of all, not ALL games work with this exploit, that's why a list of games that do work with it was made and Sony got Google to block at least one site from showing the list.

Second, if you read the article you would see that this is downgrade is new. Which means, no, hackers HAVE NOT been playing all the newer games and have had access to PSN.

Sorry but, you're completely wrong on this one.

mushroomwig2984d ago

'fishing for hits'

Well that's PSLS for you. Amateur sites need as many hits as possible if they're ever going to compete with the big sites.

Thecraft19892984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

DragonKnight I think you should check your information A new payload allows jailbreak user to get on psn and use online go and look if you do believe me it sounds like your few weeks behind.

Also now updates are working (herms fixed it ) all games that did not work are working eg modern warfare 2 and every attempt sony has made on stopping user from playing new games has failed all games with 3.42 update work so next time get your facts right.

The_Claw2984d ago

enjoy playing older games while us paying customers will be playing all the new exclusives next year :)

DragonKnight2984d ago

You didn't check the dates of your submission did you?

Thecraft19892984d ago

What submission ? the link I posted its 4 days old 11-10-2010 ( November 10th ? 12:13 PM And still works.

the fact is I stated facts in my post there was no lie or incorrect information you failed to proof anything I said is lie. you really should stop commenting on stuff you know nothing about.

Steve_02984d ago

"the fact is I stated facts in my post there was no lie or incorrect information you failed to proof anything I said is lie.".

You posted:
"it sounds like your few weeks behind.".

Followed by:
"the link I posted its 4 days old 11-10-2010".

So you see, DragonKnight didn't need to "proof" anything, you managed to disprove your own comments all on your own through inconsistency.

No Way2984d ago

You lost me with that.. o.O lol.

catguykyou2984d ago

All I know is that my friend games exclusively on his ps3 because he nodded it. He is playing his downloaded games online without any issues. He is even playing black ops online which is pretty new.
He said there are ways behind the firmware checks and there is even ways to downgrade the firm ware installed.

BkaY2984d ago

upgrade , downgrade.. enff with this crap....

i am not looking my self downloading 20gb game off the internet and then burn it on bluray and then play it...

................ and y ppl want to play emulators on ps3 ..pc is best for that..


InFAMOUS12984d ago

All games released to work on 3.50 FW can and WILL work on 3.41.... DragonKnight, YOU have no idea what you are talking about...

kws10652983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

1. There has been no game compiled with 3.50 dev kit (GT5 may be the first?). All the other games that ask you to update your PS3 3.42 or 3.50 are just using simple code, not compile with new dev kit.

2. Why the hell do hackers want to downgrade PS3 if they can play 3.50 FW games anyway? Ironically, these downgraders just confess they can't play the game with 3.50 FW.

Of course, there will be something up on the future but who cares? Only pirate, maybe?

frostypants2983d ago

When the feds come knocking and your entire life is ruined financially for your theft, I hope you can tell yourself it was worth it to play a couple of video games for free.

catguykyou2982d ago

Hackers love the idea of being able to downgrade the firmware because it means they only have to hack one version of the firmware. From then on any new system or someone who kept their system up to date can downgrade their current system to the firmware version that is hackable. From there you can set your firmware version to whatever you want. You could even tell your system it is at a higher FW version then what is released (though this would probably cause issues). Once you have this hacked FW going you have many more options. This is how it is on the PSP at least. Instead of playing the back and forth game with Sony, they figure out how to downgrade FW so they can just use the same hack on the lower firmware to hack new systems. From there it is easy to change your firmware id so that it shows as whatever fw the newest games require. They even have ways to trick PSN into thinking its legit so you can get on it as well to play online.

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darthv722984d ago

I know this is off topic but seriously. If people want their articles to be taken seriously then they need to be serious about them.

That pic (while awesomely eye catching) is not appropriate to the subject matter. It wouldnt surprise me if more comment on that than the actual story.

On topic. When hackers get a taste for code, they wont stop. If anything, it is to prove a point that no code can go uncracked.

DlocDaBudSmoka2984d ago

nothing like a set of lopsided tits. looks like someone is holding 2 water balloons from the tip. lol.

darthv722984d ago

so now the pic is changed. good for the article but bad for me. Can somebody PM me the original or where it came from?

NYC_Gamer2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

PS3 games can already be downloaded from many torrent sites

r1sh122984d ago

They will find a way to patch this, they will make the latest firmware embedded into the rom or something.
It could mean a few features have to pay the price, only time will tell.
I dont get why every PS fan goes up in arms, hacks are good things (no pirating), it unlocks systems to do things that they werent supposed to. Sony have to work hard to stop these things, I personally think that hacks improve systems/software (sometimes). Look at GTA SA (PC online version) - It inspired some of the GTA IV online things.
Just wait, some good will come from this hack.

gamingisnotacrime2984d ago

what a load of crap. PSLS is one of the most responsible sites around, no flame baits, no bashing, the reviews are fair and i know because i have bought games based on their reviews and they were very accurate.

those other big "professional" sites like IGNorant are at best for taking checks and gifts, giving out very biased reviews based on franchise and bashing the games that deserve merit.

better get your facts right before criticizing independent web sited that run a lot more proffesional than other big shallow sites

DigitalAnalog2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Assuming you're automatically connected to the PSN upon bootup. Wouldn't SONY be able to detect that you suddenly could not boot up PSN due to your firmware being mysteriosly downgraded? In which case, repeated attempts of updating/downgrading firmware should cause wave a red flag on their side.

And also, what point is this hack if games like GT5 require the latest firmware to run? Are they just going to make a new USB downgrader every time or what?

-End statement

vhero2984d ago

Difference is I know 1 person with a jail broken ps3 I know 5 people with a flashed 360 in fact I only know 1 person with a non flashed 360.. All my PS3 friends list have legal PS3's yet all my 360 friends that I still have contact with are nearly flashed. That's a big differnce

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PirateThom2984d ago

You know, it's funny, people before the jailbreak were talking about Geohot opening the PS3 for bringing back things like Linux or allowing Homebrew. So far, I'm yet to see one article about it being used for anything other than piracy. It's funny how people try to ligitimise jailbreaking by lying to themselves.

Taggart4512984d ago

I completely agree. You hear about how "noble" these people will be when they open up the system to allow homebrew, but they get all pissed because piracy is taken away.

doctorstrange2984d ago

+Bubs, so few people really use hacking to do anything at all legal, they just use it for piracy, which hurts developers, publishers and the future of games as we know it.

Sev2984d ago

So true. I really hate piracy.

GigaGaia2984d ago

Everyone is lying. They clearly intended all of this to be used for Piracy.

evrfighter2984d ago

"You know, it's funny"

is it really funny? IIRC you and Morgan were on MAJOR MAJOR damage control when the jailbreak first dropped. Every article I read about it, I had to read your "zomg enjoy your ban qq" comments.

Zeevious2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

What Evrfighter?

As I have said many times before "Homebrew" is often little more than a polite synonym for Piracy.

It's been proven over and over and over.

This has
NOTHING to do with true homebrew.
NOTHING to do with opening the system.
NOTHING to do with any real desire for Linux.
NOTHING to do with anything but THEIVES, PIRATES, and people STEALING.

Don't even start with me on this topic trying to claim anything will fail.

In fact, you already have.

SkyGamer2984d ago

Pirate Thom, you usually post quality but I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. Just becaue someone allows homebrew and exploits does not mean they ever had the intention of pirating it. Take a look at it like this, a gun is not a bad thing, it is actually a very useful tool in the right hands. In the wrong hands it is a deadly weapon. Is it the guns fault? A better example, take a look at a garden hoe. Useful tool that helps cultivate your soil, but can also be used as a deadly weapon. Now is the hoe bad or the user with evil intent bad? Just like money, for the love of money is the root of all evil. Money it self is an inanimate object.

Personally I could of hacked my 360. I choose not to because I enjoy playing online and I have quite a bit invested into it. That is a personal choice. On the other hand I do have quite a few PC games. Some of them I download to try them out and if I like them I will go to Games for Windows LIVE for Achievements or Steam to buy it.

Bottom line is that people that open up exploits and homebrew aren't the enemy. People using it to pirate games are the enemy. Please don't get them confused.

radphil2984d ago

It doesn't help though that PirateTom has a point, and in which I also noticed this as the time went by. Mainly every article on here so far talked with the jailbreak has not showed anything legally beneficial.

Zeevious2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Just because scientist worked on Heavy Water experiments, doesn't mean they blew up Nagasaki (長崎市)

Just because they wanted to know, doesn't mean they where responsible for the suffering from the Tuskegee experiments.

Just because people weaponized nerve-gas agents doesn't make them responsible for the deaths of people it was used against,


These supposed noble a**holes always hide under the guise of being oblivious to HOW what they do is going to be used...but when do we as people take any responsibility for our own actions?

It's always someone else's problem...
We didn't pull the trigger...we just made the intelligent heat-seeking bullet that couldn't miss hitting a live target.


The "hack" of the PS3 wasn't even a hack in the first place, but a THEFT of code designed to do just what it did...engage the service mode of the machine.

Now, based on this illegally STOLEN -NOT- HACKED code, you are justifying building "homebrew" and denying any responsibility for the piracy that this is really designed to promote.

Here's a word for you to look up:

blackburn52984d ago

Truer words were never spoken. That is the problem with making gaming more mainstream and accessible.You have to allow all the riffraff in as well.

duplissi2983d ago

um see, there are douchbags who want to play everything for free that much should be obvious... i dont remember anyone saying otherwise. IMO those people can go to hell. i however want to jailbreak to get more functionality out of my ps3, hell i jailbreak/root/hack everything i own if i can, because it almost always ends in more user control and freedom.

piracy is going to happen eventually get used to it, and its no way as big of an issue as content providers would make you believe. in fact most (not all sadly) people who pirate actually buy more content than non pirates..... just google it, there have been several legitimate studies that content providers do not want you to see. id post the links but ive dont it several times before and i dont really care to anymore.

stuna12983d ago

Until it no longer beneficial, or serves it's intended purpose! Look at some of the most powerful people in history to support that fact! Ghigis Khan, Mousilini, even Hitler. They didn't start out to be vile, soulless monsters! They couldn't have, they had to be able to rally support from the masses, and what better way to do that then to give them hopes of grandure and visions of something more and better than their use to? Once in power with the ability to achieve those goals, instead they opted for conquest! Even at the expense of their own followers. The same can be said about those trying to crack the ps3, or any other device for that matter. They'll promise the stars, but give you the pits!

Please forgive me if I offended anyone, with the examples I gave.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2984d ago

"After an update to the Jailbreak device, or buying a brand new one, users can turn their console back to firmware 3.41 or even 3.12, for native Other OS support. The device is even purported to be completely undetectable to Sony"

Good news everyone.

NYC_Gamer2984d ago

how is piracy good?this will hurt a lot of studios

doctorstrange2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Yeah, this'll either hurt studios, thus reducing the amount of future games, or it'll force Sony to cut something from the PS3

Side not: Anyone else read "Good news everyone." in Professor Farnsworth's voice?

a08andan2984d ago

Haha, I can hear it now :D Love "Fringe" :)

N4Great2984d ago

not good for fanboyz like you mandatory, because piracy = more ps3 sold.

nycredude2984d ago

It's good news to this loser cause then in like 8 years the developers will be hurt by piracy and MS might have a chance to catch up to SOny in the first party developer category.

Sorry but how is downgrading your console a good thing? It's like trading your 2010 car to a 2005 version. If you think this is cool then you are either retarded or a broke ass pirate.

AKA2984d ago

for any 2005 ferrari

SkyGamer2984d ago

Yeah but in this case it would be an UPGRADE as future firmware takes away while the newer firmware has more stuff.

kwicksandz2984d ago

That would be true where it not for the fact sony has also taken stuff away with their mandatory updates.

id say its more like trading a 2010 camry for a 2010 honda accord

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R2D22984d ago

I love the pic but what does it have to do with the PS3.

RankFTW2984d ago

It has everything to do with the PS3!

Motorola2984d ago

Its stupid cuz you NEED the original device, which was banned to be sold at stores due to sony, to run the downgrad. And if you have a slim...I guess you cant downgrade cuz you never had Other OS....kinda pointless

No Way2984d ago

I missed the picture.. =( lol.

@Motorola - I think you missed the picture, too.. ha!

MGRogue20172984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

How did this article get through the approval process with that pic..?

Honestly... Nice pair of knockers though, I'll admit. :D