Call of Duty: BO Invincibility Glitch on Zombies

Two glitchers have figured out a way to become invincible in the Zombies game mode. All it takes is for one person to jump on anothers head and they are invincible against all zombies except dogs.

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AKissFromDaddy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Best Glitch in Black Ops so far.

Rainstorm812984d ago

I was hoping we could find out who could really surviveagainst the zombie (just like [email protected]) this glitch will ruin the zombie leaderboards.

I mean really i knew people on [email protected] that would leave the game on overnight so the could get to ridiculous levels (100 & beyond)

People hate pirates but cheaters are the absolute worst in my book they ruin games.

xTruthx2984d ago

Ive survived 18 waves for now

Rainstorm812984d ago

Me and my brother made it to lvl24 on "Kino Der Toten"
and to lvl 16 on "Five"

but none of the that matters because soon you will see people on lvl 1000........hate this glitching BS

The_Claw2984d ago

says it doesnt work against the dogs you'll still have to play those parts legitimately and i imagine it gets ridiculously hard the 6th or 7th time they come in.

beavis4play2984d ago

when i play on WaW - i'd rather play with people who just want to test their skills and see how man levels can be cleared.
too many people use different glitches to cheat and it's not as much fun.
sometimes i get in matches with guys who get mad when i won't use the glitches. one night i played with 3 guys who glitched and they took 30-45 minutes between levels (after level 15) to do their weapons/pack-a-punch glitches! - i was stuck playing with them for almost 6 hours when the match shouldn't have taken nearly so long. takes the fun right out of the game.

you're right, raiinstorm81 - cheaters ruin games.

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swishman2984d ago

i hate the way it ruins the leader boards,
and WTF this glitch was in [email protected] and they still didnt fix it...

still one of the best games this year

Mikeyy2983d ago

Theres three... L2Findsecrets.

ScoobyDrew2984d ago

how the hell do people find this stuff?

BeOneWithTheGun2984d ago

I don't look for glitches but I can see how they came across it. I mean, when you are just running around with your buddies don't you jump all over each other and stuff just for kicks? Dance, dive and stuff while waiting for the next wave?

I can totally hear someone say, "Hey, let me leap on your head and see if I stick!" and ta-da! There you go.

Rainstorm812984d ago

not to mention this exact glitch was in [email protected]

madara0sama2984d ago

Enough with the links to youtube ffs. This isn't a youtube video adverting site.

NotSoSilentBob2984d ago

Hope people are enjoying paying 60$ to beta test this game.

AKissFromDaddy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I wasted $80 on a horrible game and MW2 is a AAA game so I was under the assumption BO would be a AAAA game, smh. I also believe its weird that vocal minority of gamers that disliked MW2 were orally and in writing abusive against IW but now they're giving time and love to the B-team, Treyarch, and their C-game that is by far, too many step backwards or sidesteps away from MW2, a AAA game. It must be human nature to give bad products/games time to be as good as AAA games.

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