The adventures of an import gamer

Logan Greiner writes:
"As I sit here in my apartment I find myself looking at my game collection. The majority of the game names can be easily recognized by pretty much anyone who has played games in the last 20 years. Games like Zelda, Sonic, Chrono Trigger, and Shadow of the Colossus -- all of which were created by Japanese companies and all of which getting faithful translations from their native language to English for all of us in North America to enjoy. But what about games that were not so lucky? Games that came out in Japan but for whatever reason never saw a translation to English. This happens all the time and has been happening since the dawn of Japanese games. It can happen for lots of reasons… a cultural reference that would be lost on western audiences. Maybe the content, while deemed fine for Japanese audiences could be found offense to western audiences or maybe the developer cannot find a publisher to release the game in western regions..."

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Cajun Chicken2989d ago

I'm still frustrated by the lack of release of Zakengi No Regileiv in EU territories. I love Sandlot after EDF 2017.

jwk942989d ago

I don't understand, instead of buying the dreamcast and import games and the chip, why not just get an emulator and some ROMS? Doesn't that kind of seem like a waste of money?

SactoGamer2988d ago

I think it's called being honest.